Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept. 29 First Transfer and First Korean Companion!

Well big news... Im getting Transfered! I was 100 percent sure I would stay in 동대문, but President had another plan. I am going to an area called 상개,  or Sang Gae. Then I get a Korean Companion! His name is Kim Gunn. I havent been with him yet but the times I have talked to him at mission confrences and activities he seems like a great guy. Cant wait! The area I was just in will now have 5 elders total. Crazy. We had to move 3 new desks in our house yesterday. But good new is I won our transfer guess game so I got Free Chicken! Super good!
This week We taught Sam once. We talked to him about praying and regognizing his awnser. He says it is so close but when he reaches out to grab it it dissapears. Hes so close. Then we taught 전도영 once and I gave him a baptismal commitment. He accepted. His only concern was that he wouldnt believe when he was 30 years old. He is golden it just sucks that I have to leave. We also met a grandpa who the oly english words he knew were the F word and Good Luck. He used them alot. Then we met him later to give him chocolate. funny guy. Last guy we met a taught was a SUPER depressed guy. He just flat out told us he was losing literally everything the next day and he wanted us to pray for him to recieve money. Funy thing was he wanted money but said it was too easy to get a job so he would get money first and then a job. He told us right in the middle of the lesson, I dont want to die. i dont know what to say to that. It was a super weird lesson. We just told him about the peace he can recieve through our message.
Last highlight of the week we had a minute to win it game night for our stake. I have a few pictures Im asking others to send me more. It was super fun to get to know alot of people from our stake. President and sister Christensen came and they played alot of the really fun games. Thats why I love president. The game night turned out to be really succesful. Thats just about it. Ohh... one more thing. On Sunday the bishop comes at 7 for meetings and opens the church gate. We go in the church around 9.15. Well this sunday we walked into the church with the bishops son and there was a homeless man lying on the bench. After the bishop came out of his meeting he shooed him out. The man was asking for money and saying he hurt the entire time. I know we are a doors open church, but we cant be a homeless shelter. Elder Ffranchina and I talked about that alot. Well Thats all my news! Next week I will have lots more news!!
Love Ya
Elder Miles Diede

New Area PIC  Click to see a picture of the area. Google Earth is Amazing!

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