Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014


Well first off transfer calls was pretty surprising our district split. Everyone is staying and 2 more elders are coming( there are WAY too many missionaries :) Also I get to live with a Korean again this transfer so i am super excited.

This week Elder Keil and I picked up a couple of new investigators this week one is a pretty solid investigator and is starting out a new massage place so he can only meet in little 30 minutes increments but we can get alot of teaching done in that little bit. He doesnt believe in an after life so we talked to him a little bit about the plan of salvation. This man decided to meet with us because Elder Keil smiled as he went up and asked him for a handshake. That just shows me how being happy as you teach and meet new people is more important than the words you actually speak. Korean is still obviously important, but you can do it well when you just are starting out as well.

The other wasan american that is really preocupied with alot of the random "stories" he doesnt understand fully. Like secrects in the Temple and Joseph Smith's Court cases. We are continuing to talk about him to see if we should meet with him again, because he is nice, not agressive and said he would read the Book of Mormon. So we will see what happens with him.

For studies this week I studied in the Doctrine and Covenants alot. I havent got a very big chance to read it alot so i was grateful for the opportunity. I also read alot of stories in the Old Testament.

One of my miracles this week was this Sunday the relief society and priesthood topic was on Member missionary work and on Preach my Gospel. The Sunday School lesson was on Jonah and the Whale and they related it to missionary work. i had made up my mind to participate more. The topics and sitting next to the bishop helped me get started and to participate. The teachers actually asked me a couple of questions and I was called on to say the closing prayer as well. It was a cool miracle to see a little more trust and have the ward open up to me a little bit more.

Elder Keil and I are SUPER excited to stay together. We have set a couple of goals to keep us more in tune with the spirit and have a better sense of time, to get out the door faster and to not waste a second of time. Im really excited to learn more from him!

Love YA!!!!!!
i forgot my camera sorry

Baptisms in Korea!

His name is Kim Min. He is 10, his older sister was baptized a little bit ago. The sisters have been teaching him, the parents are not members, but are seeing how the church is helping the kids. They came to his baptism pretty cool.

 Sisters investigator. 
First off I had a great Birthday at the Temple and opened the really fun package. lots of cool pics comin your way.
I met Jang Chul Jin the korea I lived with in my first area again. He bought me a cake for my birthday, then later the sisters bought me an icecream cake too.:) really nice!!

We met a new investigator that was a refferal from the south mission. He is a pilot and is wanting to met with us for english, but is completly willing to talk about our church. He has lots of really strong opinions but is pretty open. Elder Keil puts it this way; if we teach him well he can become a good member but if we dont he can start a new church. really awesome solid investigator, we will try and meet him 2 times a week.

We also talked on the phone with our 19 year old investigator and he said dont speak Korean to me and that he hates studying the Book of Mormon. We will meet him on Tuesday and it will be kind of a do or die lesson.

This week I have studied alot on the sabbath day and how to use it in district meeting. I also studied King Benjamins speech and looked for everything about service. While I was going on an exchange with Elder Lanford we were focusing on How to serve people more and it was a cool little focus for a day. I also studied for lessons and how we can help the investigators we have to meet with us and still pick up more.

Well we had a baptism and I got to baptize one of the sisters investigators while Elder Lanford baptized the other sisters investigators and I got to give the Gift of the Holy Ghost as well as a blessing to both of them-- all in Korean in front of 130 people. scary but fun.

I have 2 miracles for this week. One miracle was the baptisms and confirmations we had this week. I had the great opportunity to baptize one and give them both the Holy Ghost. When I was doing the confirmation I started out a little bit shaky then I felt like i got supported by a angel and I finished both of them strong. Really cool experience to help 2 people start their new journeys towards Christ.
Elder Diede

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Angel of God

Not a bad week but I don't really have much to report.

We met a couple of our investigators on the streets and talked to them for a little bit, but were not able to have a sit down lesson with any of old investigators. We did however get 2 referrals this week and they both will be meeting us this next week. One is a really good potential. We also went back to go visit the family that Elder Keil and I tracked into but they didn't have time to talk but still invited us back. We will keep following up with them. I hope we can find more investigators and teach more lessons this week
As you can see from the pics we went to a fun place in our area with lots of cool wall paintings.

This week I studied about revelation, specifically how to prepare to receive it through church. I will be talking about that in district meeting including sharing a lot of personal experiences I have had. I have also tried to think about what I can give my companions more of. Elder Cook when he was here said that you will learn something from every companion, so i want to find out what I am giving and still what I can give. Ive specifically thought about stress and how I manage it. I have gotten a lot of compliments because I manage my stress well, but I don't know how I do it. I have been trying to find the verses of scripture and quotes and things that help me the most so I can share better.

My miracle this week is I was coming out of a meeting planning for English class, that just wasted a lot of time, so i was a little frustrated and honestly it hadn't been that great of a day already so i was in kind of a bad mood, but we headed down to the station to 전도 I started and i just felt Gods Love around me and I just became happy. I had some of the most fun and really good contacts that I have gotten in a while. I LOVED that experience, just to confirm that I have a heavenly father who loves me and is always wrapping me up in his blanket of love!
I get to go to the temple for my birthday greatest present ever!! then we are going to go to the War Museum in Seoul. Gonna be super fun!!
LOVE YA ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 사랑하는아들
Elder Miles Diede

 my wall with sticky notes tha'ts Diede in Korean in the pink

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nacho Libre Comp.. Just like Gavin

First my comp Loves Nacho Libre. He is almost exactly like gavin. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great week this week. I ate 닭 meat ( pronounced Dog)
We were not able to meet with any of our investigators this week. We had 4 appointments on sunday and all of them fell through.  I love something that Elder Keil and I talk about all the time, When people are rejecting you on the street and not wanting to meet, you are just getting closer and closer to that prepared person who you are meant to find. We are continuing to work hard together and are going to push ourselves even harder this week. We have set our goals a little higher so we can work towards meeting higher goals.
We had Zone training our focus this month is on Revelation through Church Attendence, cool focus.
This week for studying I for district meeting, which  focused  on roles of Members, Missionaries and Investigators in church. I am using a couple of General Conference talks and a tidbit from the Power of the Everyday Missionary book to help me study and learn for the meeting. I also focused alot on helping Elder Keil get lesson plans made and doing roleplays to help him more. 
My miracle this week is talking with a guy on sunday for around 20 minutes that asked me if he could come to church next sunday.I obviously said yes, but tried to see if he could meet that week. He is pretty busy, so I was a little sad we have to wait a week, but I have been keeping in contact with him everyday so we dont lose him.
Nothing else really cool. I get to go to the temple for my Birthday, so i am super excited. Both of my birthdays on my mission are on pday!!!! SICK!!!!!
Have everyone send me cool quotes, sayings, pictures and scriptures to put on my wall.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hello FAM!!!!!

We had a good week this week but alot of crazy things happened in our district.

We were not able to meet with any of our investigators this week but we do have appointments with most of them next week plus alot of potential appointments that we can go pick up new investigators. No new news on any of them.

This week for studying I studied alot for district meeting, which we focused alot on Ammon and how he was a good teacher. Elder Black, our ZL helped me a little when he was on exchanges with me. I really focused on three of Ammon's characteristics they were: Being prepared, Always looking for places to teach and being bold. I thought it went very well and turned into a discussion like I wanted it to be. I think I did a pretty good job for it being my first one, but I have asked everyone in my district and Elder Black for suggestions on how I can improve and I have got alot of feedback that I will use. I was scared out of my mind, but it was SUPER FUN!

My miracle this week is when Elder Keil and I went to Knock on a door and a man opened up with his two kids and Elder Keil told him who we were. We got him to feel comfortable around us and we talked with him and his 8 and 5 year old kids for a while. Before we left he invited us to come back the next sunday so we could talk more. Then even after we left he was so kind as to run down 2 floors to give us both Bannana Milk. Really cool. I have never had anyone invite me back before, it is usually us asking. cool mini miracle.

Elder Keil  is the best!! he loves missionary work, always wants to be out on the street finding people and spreading the gospel and is not afraid to do so. plus his laugh and smile are contagious. He is always making me laugh and is always happy while sharing our happy message.
Elder Lanford and Elder Whitehead's birthday were this week so we threw a mini party for them.

I bought a new camera, it is SUPER nice!!!!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

The Sisters

All the Elders with popped up suit collars