Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miracles happening

Dear Family!
(I dont know what you mean about Tire, did you talk to him alot? does he come to Korea or MTC? Give me KC and Lilys email.Go Cougs. )
THESE PAST TWO WEEKS HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the past 10 days we have picked up 8 new investigators. Here is a brief description of all our investigators.
Sam- Korean-speaks british English, as soon as he stops smoking he will be baptized.
John and Suzanna- a Pastor and Evangelist, very interested ( we are going to baptize his whole congregation)
전도영- Korean, super interested, bought a bible to be prerared when he met us.
J, Lucky, and 김증수- all friends, one lived in provo for 4 years speaks good english, one is ok at english loves bball and the other isgay.He hit on my companion..
박성인- he just showed up to church one day!
시후-a 13 yr old boy
민- English class student, really interested
한상민- bank manager, has family problems.

I think seeing success and seeing people we talk to on the street call us is awesome! the work does pay off! I feel so great. Today the bass was really fun! We ate subway and then played minigolf and got american products. This week Wednesday through saturday is a Korean Holiday called chew suk. We will be cleaning in our house and playing games all day because no one is on the street. so much fun.
The Pday before that we went swimming! the bathhouse. We had fun relaxing and pretty much hot tubing and we played cards in the sauna. i thought everyone how to play golf and they love it. One day this week we had Lesson Heaven. We taught 4 planned lessons and gave 2 on the street. It was amazing! We had two huge rainstorms this week and we took pictures in one of them. so much fun!
Then this week we had training follow up with the APs and President. An Elder sang I know that my reedemeer lives. President got up and sid, " Is there really anything else we need to know other than that?" President is so good at bringing the spirit into the room with one sentence, but still gets in on jokes on Elders. We told our Korean in our house Enya is a Unicorn. and he said he would ask president. So we called president and he got in on our joke. When Elder Jang asked President, he said Enya was a unicorn. I love president he is the best.  Then Sister Christensen got up and gave a good talk on how to avoid disguragment. She related a story to Abe Lincoln, Gavin you would like it, and she is sending it to me soon. Then we did talking to people traing with the APs. It was fun to meet with all the greenies again especially the Korean that came with us. I could actually awnser his questions when i talked to him.
Later that week, we got asked by a ward member to go and help with baptisms for the dead. So we went. I was in the confirmation room and Elder Jang was confirming in so fast korean. Then he turned to me and said. your turn. It was so hard but I confirmed 20 or so name in korean. It was cool to do. Then after everyone got confirmed we went out to the font to watch and I was asked to baptize the last half of people. I did alot in English cause we had to go fast, but I did quite a few in korean. It is cool how it is the same gospel, just in a different language.
Then this sunday we had 3 investigators show up to church. We only planned for two we didnt know what to do. So we went on splits with members and I taught Sam about tithing and baptismal interview questions. It went really well. Then we planned to study during the night time but we both had the prompting to go out a talk to people. Not 10 seconds later we meet a guy that was super interested and bought us drinks(cider and coke of course) Were having lunch with him tomorow. Then we meet another guy who were meeting next week. Then we went home spiritualy uplifted.
Well not much else has happened but pure miracles this week. It has been a great week and I have felt his presence in my life always these past two weeks.
See ya next week!

Elder 디디.

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