Monday, February 23, 2015

Very Happy

Sorry we got on late and dont have much time.
This week has been super awesome! I was thinking as I was trying to fall asleep last night that I really have not been happier! I get to serve in my first area, I get to serve with Elder Weight who is super cool and we are already seeing lots of miracles in our area and in our zone. We have 10 baptismal dates in our zone this week and all of them are for March so hopefully if all of them go through we should have an explosive baptism filled month.
For our investigators this week, We met with our 15 year old investigator with a baptismal date and taught him the Plan of Salvation through a puzzle. It was fun and we timed ourselves afterward to see how fast we could put it together. i gotta say that kid has the Plan of Salvation down! We ate some 육개장 together and that kinda bribed him to come to our lesson so we may have to keep doing that in the future.
One of our 18 year old investigators also meet with us this Saturday and we had a fantastic lesson with him as well, teaching the same thing. he understood very well and accepted a baptismal date. Hopefully he will be baptized on the same day as our 15 year old on the 15th.
The only bummer with both of them is they both didnt come to church after saying they were coming...
For studying this week I finished up Alma it was pretty good I didnt get really alot out of it but I have been having really good companionship study with Elder Weight it has been really nice.
My miracle this week was even though it was holiday weekend we met SO many nice people literally every day we got food on the street and some very good potential investigators! I am loving life and loved to meet all of the people that I love in this ward again Great experience! On holidays there are no one on the streets so that is a miracle. We also had a mission conference where we got to see Meet the Mormons there! REALLY FUNNY!
As a Zone leader I just go on more exchanges, do Zone training meeting and other trainings, go to mission leadership meetings , stats and care for my zone.
Everything is doing great! Thanks for Everything!
Good luck with the mission call i hope it comes...Honestly my hope is you come to Korea.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Transfer to 동대문

So Transfer calls took a very unexpected turn....because we have to go to transfers today I have about an half an hour email now and i will start to email again around 2 o clock my time. Kinda late there:(  So I am going to 동대문 again. It was my greenie area when I first came to Korea so I am super excited to go bacK! I get to begin and end my mission there!! I also am getting a little bit more of a chance to serve because I am becoming a Zone Leader. I am super excited to be able to serve my zone and the people there!! so not alot of time today and i have to write my mission president first so hopefully ill talk to you or ill send you an email when I start again;)

Ok Here it is!!
So i am now sitting next to Elder Weight and it is already a fun time. He is from Salem and went to Salem hill my sister school so it should be fun. It is a really surreal experience to be back in my first area again. There is a wave of memories coming back to me as I was walking down the street. I am really looking forward to the chance I get to serve here with Elder Weight. I think we will help us both grow alot as we get to serve more people here in this zone.
Life in 춘천 was pretty normal. All of our lessons that came this week were from us saying goodbye to all of our investigators and less actives. There isnt really any new news for any of them.It was really sad to say goodbye to so many people I love but new experiences await!!
This week for studies I am in the exciting war bits of Alma. Captain Moroni always impresses me and is a great hero to look up to. One thing that really stood out to me this week was how much Captain Moroni "fortified" his people and cities. He knew the importance of arming his people in both the spiritual and physical ways. I drew a pretty cool picture of what i thought a fortified city would look like. Also a part that stuck out was how Lehonti was poisioned by degrees. satan does the same to us poisioning us slowly and slowly. If we dont catch it fast it can get bigger and bigger and eventually lead to deadly consequences.
My miracle of this week honestly was being able to come back to my first area. It has been my dream to come back since I left. I am SOO excited to be back here and am able to be in a geat place to serve!
Love you Lots!! Stay Happy, Healthy and 수고!!!
Elder Miles Diede

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 8, 2015


This was not a bad week at all.  It was just a very normal week and we had a little bit of success and Elder Bodan and I had a lot of fun together.  

We started our week off with the Buddhist temple with our Chinese investigator. It was tons of fun and he told us lots of stories. I think i will have to study about Buddhism a little bit more, it is kind of like mythology. could be fun to study, for fun i think. 

We did not get to meet any of our investigators this week but we did get to meet with three new ones.

1. a 40 year old from Canada who is getting married really soon. he is a non practicing Catholic, and is very open with us. He knows a little bit about our church and is will

2. A 30-ish year old who lived in the Philippines for a while. He bought us lunch, we showed him around the church and he even took us to his office and we met all of his co workers and even his father. They all liked us a lot and because they are all developers they were giving us advice on how to improve the church. it was kind of funny. 

3. A grandpa who we felt the spirit pretty strongly when we were in the lesson with him. At first he wasnt really listening to us then we kinda switched tactics a little bit and he started listening. It was a cool switch. 

 All three of them have a lot of potential to be really good investigators, but the big problem Elder Bodan and I are facing is investigators not meeting us we will see what happens. 

My studies this week were alot focused on Alma talking to his sons. There are a lot of good little tidbits in those couple of chapters and I pondered on them a lot. Also I did a couple of PMG activities and wrote down my testimony and did a 100 grateful things. That helped me a ton. Seeing my testimony on my wall everyday strengthens me alot.

Elder Bodan says my miracle is surviving with him as my companion for another week but my real miracle this week is that I felt more prompted on where to walk this week and by doing so we found a couple of new investigators, so that was a plus for me.

Love ya lots!!!!!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Streetboarding and Squid

This week we had a lot of planned lessons, a lot of them punked but we did get a few lessons in this week.
 First we met with Sean, we taught him a little more about where the Book of Mormon came from.  He liked it and is reading so he is progressing the only problem with him is he is always studying so he has no time. We ate lunch with him and our food was really slow to come out so we had a good talk about the gospel before the food came. IT was a pretty good lesson, he just needs the time to meet with us more and come to church.
Then our Chinese investigator. He will actually go back to China in about 2 weeks so it is a little bit hard to get anywhere with him but he wants to meet with us as much as he can before he leaves. We are actually spending Pday with him today so it should be fun. We talked a little bit last time how he went to Buddhist temples in China, so we showed him some pictures of our temples and he really liked them a lot.  We invited him to church and even said there will be Chinese people there, but for that reason he doesn't want to come to church. He says in would be awkward.
Lastly we have a couple of new investigators that we are still trying to figure out and get to know.Some seem like they have some good potential.
I studied and focused a lot  in Alma 32-34 this week. I love the comparison on Faith to trees and the Word to a seed. Again this is my favorite missionary companionship of Alma and Amulek  preaching to the Zoramites and correcting some of their behaviors like their method of Prayer. Also there is a couple verses in chapter 33 that uses the wording " Faith unto Repentance" 4 times in 3 verses so that sounded important to me and added it to my study about repentance. I felt the Spirit many time this week especially during study.
 cool experience this week: I have had a lot on my mind lately about coming home. I am honestly scared out of my mind to come home. There are so many things looming over my head and I don't know how I will get it all done. I thought about this for the last couple weeks and lucky for me it was fast Sunday this last Sunday so I decided to fast about it and also to get a blessing from my companion. Long story short that was one of the sweetest moments I have ever been a part of. I know that my companion spoke through the Holy Ghost and I received answers to my prayers and fast. It wasn't the "how to solve my problems" solution that I got, but just the confirming that it would be all right. I definitely felt the spirit and felt like I got a hug from God. Also this experience made me think a lot about those I really love and those who have given me so much support.(You were definitely there;) Thinking of them and how they have helped me was a great crutch that I could lean on. Its been a rough couple of weeks probably the hardest of my mission but the most worth it so far. I have cried because of hard times, feelings I have felt and promptings I have received. I Love this gospel so much.
Thank you so much for all the support I Love you lots!!

Squid I cooked

January 25 ,2015

Another challenging but worth the work week.  It seems to me that it is getting harder and harder everyday.  Elder Bodan and I have been working hard but there is something that is holding us back or keeping us from having more success.  It a little bit hard but were both pushing through it so were both doing good. We love each other and having fun working with each other. I still love working here and it is a great source of happiness but It can be so hard to see people reject your message.
There is not really anything new with our investigators, almost everyone has stopped picking up the phone or has become to busy to meet with us. WE did have a couple of lessons this week with a few investigators but a lot of those kind of just turned into the investigators asking questions and getting stuck on things like where is the preexistence or they just couldn't understand the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was kind of frustrating this week with the investigator pool.  It has been kind of an empty couple of weeks these last couple of weeks, we haven't found too many good people to meet...but hey that may mean we are close and we will keep working!
This week for study time I read bits and pieces in Alma. I read the stories of Ammon teaching King Lamoni and Aaron teaching King Lamoni's father. Being in Alma, and seeing these great missionaries example makes me want to be a better missionary and to see and experience the things they have. I dug a little bit deeper and i figured out I have experienced a good majority of what these Book of Mormon heroes have gone through. I haven't been cast in prison, bound and starved for a couple days but I have experienced the despair, heartache and some of the happiness and miracles that they experienced. That was a cool thinking process that I got to be a part of.
I didnt really have a big-ish miracle this week, but I just had little things to keep me going throughout the week. A well placed joke by Elder Bodan or a man who would actually give me more that 2 second on the street were all my miracles this week. Also the other miracle is that a member from Taegu just moved into our ward and she can kind of play the piano, so the ward took advantage and called her to be the ward pianist, so I do not have to plunk out the songs in sacrament meeting anymore. That was one stress lifted.
I am still super excited for Nauvoo and doing some refting trips would be fun! I would just love to hang out with family and friends too....but there will be plenty of time for that.
Love you lots
also school stuff i dont know. For a major i want to pick something i enjoy doing and i dont want to hate going to work every day for the rest of my life. That internship i did for sports marketing was a blast, so i have been thinking about doing that, but i dont really know anything about it or what i want to be...i have no dreams or hopes as far as a career or school other than do good. taking a korean class would be fun, but i may just have to move on. i did get a letter sent to Grand. Turner.