Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday

 Happy 19th Birthday Elder Diede

 Longest escalator I have ever seen
 Zone Service Project

Hello family!
Yes i have put on weight. Thank you for that. All from the MTC. Its all going away soon just by regular eating and walking. Well this week on my birthday I spent lots of the time playing basketball. The hoop was probobly around 9 feet so I dunked it a couple of times in games. It was funny because we had a crowd of 15 or so people watching so they would yell and scream when some one did something good. When I dunked it the koreans got so excited it was funny. A very nice ward member took us to get a cake a bakery for FHE and we chose what looked like a chocolate cake, but when we bit into it it was sweet potato! Good still. Later that night we were planning and the other elders that live in our house came in with a baskin robins box. I opened it and it was the cutest little cake ive ever seen.Our korean Elder Jahng said " I dont want to kill the cake! its murder!" It was a full icecream whale with Poprock icecream on top and cherry in the middle.
The next day we went to go do service at the bishops shop,washing his jewlry shop windows. He told us that missionaries were not allowed to clean, which is wrong because we can. Then he gave us stuff called duckboki which are REALLY spicy ricecakes, but not very good ones. I was literally dying as i was eating them because it fills you up quickly, and it is so HOT! Our bishop is a very hard peron to work with. We ask him what we can do to help the ward, or for refferals and he says he wants baptisms, thats all. Thats not they way it works. We need member help and the bishop doesnt really understand that. but We have an investigtor supposed to get baptized next week( his name is Sam, he speaks british english) but he cant stop smoking. He is fun comes to church, and is giving up cigarettes slowly. but almost there!
While we were contacting on the streets we ran into an old investigator than Elder Franchina and his comp had to drop. He got mad at us. He said he never wants to talk with us again. That is the down side to the work, but after words we bought some korean BBQ. chicken shiskabobs, Super good but Super spicy. Your mouth is dying, like your inferno chicken, but it is so good you keep eating. and food is SUPER cheap, except fruit. We dont eat alot of fruit, but the Asian Peach is literally the est piece of fruit I have ever had. They sell fruit everywhere so I can always get it.
We have been getting rejected ALOT latley people wont ever take our cards, but that just means the prepared person is close. We talked to a church preacher that really wants to learn about our church. Elder franchina and I have talked about baptizing his whole congregation! We meet him on friday and he speaks super good english. in English class i am know the person everyone turns to, because according to the Koreans my english pronnounciation is the best and I speak pure american english, maybe its because i have been polluted by korean fully yet.
Every nght we play Asian Scum, i will have to teach everyone when i come back. It is so much fun because we yell and scream at each other, at that point it is everyone for yourself. Its a card game but they have led to chasing around our house, standing up on chairs and breaking one chair. SUPER FUN!!!! We went to a meeting with the ward mission leader and found a street sign that said good-bye and the longest escalator i have ever seen!
Tomorow we get to go to the temple. Im so excited. It is Franchinas 300th day here so we are celebrating and going sightseeing!
Hope you like the pics!
your missionary,
 Elder Miles Diede

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