Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What! Spaghetti Sandwiches

Hello Family!!!
Last Monday we got to go to the temple. It was really fun. I wish I would have gone through in Korean, but the speaking would be too hard. English is good too. Then it was Elder Franchina's 300th day on his mission so we celebrated by going to an American style buffet. The we went to the huge market and bought some ties, they are super cheap here and sparkly. Koreans love em. Then the korean that lives in our house bought a golf driver to learn how to play golf. He love the sound it makes as it swooshes against the grass. He goes outside and swins for excersize time, so funny! This koreans name is Elder Jang. He is our DL and we joke around with him saying he is so hansome and humble because, he is super prideful but he is the funniest person I have ever met. He has been obsessed with learning how to golf and sing I believe I can fly. In his broken english it is so funny!!!
We went to go eat dinner with the stake president and while we were going there Franchina was prosylyting on the bus like always, and this guy offered to show us to the apatment complex. The whole way there he walked incredibly close to him and tried to hold his hand. We didnt do anything because that is Korean culture, but this guy really liked my companion. Then at the apartment he told us he was a makeup artist and he loved Elder Franchina. Short story short we are never calling him again. It was so funny!! The sisters were dying laughing when they found out.
The next day we went to go visit a recent convert and teach him the doctrine of Christ. I went into the lesson not caring because he has a minor disable and never listens to us he is always shucking corn or peeling garlic. I didnt even know if he knew our names let alone the gospel, but that day he listened and afterwards we asked him to pray and he did. He blessed me and Franchina by name, blessed our familys that we can work hard. I was stunned. After that prayer I just felt so much love for him!!! I really know that he is a child of God.  Then afterwards we ate at good old McDonalds. We all ordered a McDouble, Chicken, and Bolgogi Burger coming to a total of 5 bucks each. We took the mcdoble opened it in half and put on the whole chicken. Then ate it. The Bolgogi burger is super good as well, but only korea has it.
With Sam this week we made a smoking goal. he will be clean in two weeks and baptized in three hopefully. Thanks for all the gum because i cant chew it in public I gaveit all to him. He was so excited and it has really been helping him. He says American gum is alot better than Korean gum. Later that day we visited a member resteraunt and ate there. Sister Goodwin, a sister in 동대문 Decided that there were too many noodle in her bowl and she was so full. so she held up a bunch of noodles and jokingly said that someone needed to ring them out. Franchina didnt even hesitate and rung them out. We exploded with laughter. She then procceded to dump noodle in her bag when she wasnt looking. so funny.
Fast Sundays are my favorite here because that is when the success happens. Investigators came to church, people want to meet and we find really good contacts. We met some many foriegners yesterday. From Kenya, Uganda, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, Pillipenes, Dominican Republic, the UK, Americans and of course lots of koreans. We are meeting with the Kenyan, Uganda man and guy from Chile soon. We found so many potential investigators and were wiped clean of Book of Mormons, all 6 we had on us. It was a great day!!!
Kind of a scary story. Our Carbon Monoxide alarm went off and our alarm was on the celing and Monoxide sinks so there was alot of it in there, so we called President aired out our house and went to the church and played scum. At about 11 we went back in. We called President again and he said it was okay. I honestly didnt know if I was going to wake up or not. So I did my repentence for the day and was peaceful going to sleep! but im fine and it was a good experience. We all cheered at 6:30 when we all woke up!
Now a better story. I was remembering the times when I was a little kid and you would always relate the gospel back to everything. I hated it. but We were having Companionship inventory one day and we were talking about that. It was super spiritual, then we went and taught the gospel part of English class. We abandaned our whole lesson plan and decided just to talk. it was super powerful, and now we are meeting with one person and the sisters are meeting with another. I now know that this gospel literally is EVERYTHING! Im so glad im out here!! Thanks for everything!!!
Elder Miles Diede
ps Remember how you said not to make the spaghetti sandwiches on our missions. 


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