Sunday, June 22, 2014

Korean Wedding and Rice Fields

It was a pretty good week this week.  We only had an opportunity to meet with one of our investigators. I am not exactly sure about why he is meeting with us, he doesnt have much, if any interest. He is one of the investigators I keep hearing about but have never met before. The lesson went alright until Elder Lee shot me in the foot during the lesson, telling the investigator that I cant understand Korean. We taught him about Joseph Smith and commited him to reading and praying.
One of our investigators came to English Class but he didnt have time to have a lesson, but other than that all of our investigators were busy again this week.
This week for studying I read alot in the Book of Mormon, Especially I read King Benjamin's Speech this week. There were a couple of parts that I really liked including the part saying you are not required to run faster than you have strength, but you still need to be dilligent.
We had President interviews This week. He gave me alot of things that I am going to apply. I have been trying a different approach to helping Elder Lee. He has ZERO desire to be happy while he is doing work, his mind set is he just has to suffer for 2 years. I have been helping alot but He still is mad at me alot, I am trying my best to help.We also talked about trying to figure out a way to use all of my talents, like ceramics and art, better in missionary work, and most of all He gave me 2 things about being a concecrated missionary; Trust in Heavenly Father and Dont just Believe in Christ, Believe Christ.SUPER AWESOME!!!
I bought a custom Korean soccer jersey for the world cup!!! only 20 dollars has my name on the back!!!!
At Church I translated for an african(see below story) the first hour, a brazilian the 2nd and for a phillipino for the 3rd. INSANE!!!!!!!!!
Here is 2 INSANE storys, one is more insane than the other:
We went to a wedding of one of our members it was an american geting married to a korean..already weird right. But thats not all....The wedding hall had so many random different colored blinking lights and crystals so much so that i felt like I was in a star wars movie.....see attached pictures... Long story short. Korean weddings are INSANE!!!! It was just so awkward!!!
So I got a call from this man from Ghana and he told me he was a member and we set up an appointment to meet at the train station on sunday.
 We met him and He is a SUPER SICK guy. As we were walking to the church we figured out he is a refugee who came to korea because his tribe in Ghana wanted to make him leader, but in order to be leader you have to sacrafice and cut off the head of a person, because he didnt want to do that he fled. Now he is living in another church's building and the members there are trying to convert him and telling him to come to church.
He has no money,no job, no food, and no good housing. He needs my help to be the link between him and the ward because the bishop cannot speak english. I am literally the ringleader of everything. I have already helped him start to transfer his records to our ward, so he can get a temple recommend and asked a Phillipino member to see if there were any vacancy at the factories he is working at. It is a hard, INSANE situation, but we are helping him to the best we can!!!! Good chance to serve, but it is DANG hard!!!
Love YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede

 맛있어요!!!  its not a have to it is I LOVE IT. spicy peppers and anchovies

Better Late then Never June 15

This week was a pretty good week, except for the fact that we didnt get to meet with any investigators this week.(and the spurs won) They were all super busy this week and all of our appointments we had fell through. We only got to meet one man and had lunch with him, but he lives in Illsan and he wants the sisters there to teach his daughter so we reffered him and his daughter to the sisters.

I read quite a few talks this week and one that I read in particular is the 4 minutes talk by Bishop Stevensen from last general conference I always tell my parents and think that time is going by really fast. the first 2 minutes of my mission are over now I just have to improve more and finish the rest strong. I also started studying about how to be a better leader and companion. I found a few scriptures that have helped me. Pretty good study this week.

My miracle this week was seeing elder Lee change this week. He has really opened up a little more and is willing to get help and let me help him. He is doing great.
Elder Jang and Elder Rhodes died and went home. sad. i miss them. Elder Jang said that he would come to my fianal testimony at the temple, i will look forward to seeing him. He emailed me today.
I think I forgot to tell you our ward had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks. 2 were the sisters investigators and one was a member. Cool to see. I wasnt involved in any of them though.

Also I ran through a Typhoon this week. I got stuck out in it and we had to get home so I ran home in it. I was soaked from head to toe in 2 seconds. Then our church was flooding so Elder Arrington and I ran to the church to fix it and clean it up. Super fun!!!! SOOOOOO MUCH WATER!!!!!!
Well that is pretty much it!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede   

 Elder Lee
me and Elder Chisholm in heat shirts.............싫어
Post typhoon

Sunday, June 8, 2014

On Fire with the Language! 보고싶어 ㅠㅠ

Hello Fam!!!!
so .....hows life?
Transfer call Report: Staying in Geumchon with Elder Lee. Elder lanford is staying too so im happy.
This week we really didnt have a sit down lesson with an investigator this week, but we played basketball with our 19 year old investigator for a little bit and we invited him to a ward activity the next day to which he came. 
The ward activity was a BBQ at one of the really really rich members house.
I think he had alot of fun at the activity and got to know the other young men. One of our members came up to him and starting talking about baptism with him. The investigator said that he was thinking about being baptized. The member was super excited and happy when we told him about it. This same investigator came to church on sunday..... but for only 2 minutes. I turned my back on him for 1 second and he went down the stairs and out of the church. He called me and told me he had to go, and we should be meeting him this saturday.
I had fun studying this week!!! One cool thing I did for study this week was to start my study time with questions and concerns that I am having. I asked Elder Rhodes about how to improve study and he gave me a few suggestions and pointers he has found throughout his mission. I had a pretty good study this week.
Well this week Elder Rhodes and Elder Jang are both going home.
I was thinking alot this week about all of the things Elder Rhodes and Elder Jang has taught me over the short time we have been in the same areas together. He has said lots of tips and ideas to me that I will remember and use through the rest of my life, not just missionary work. I really will miss Elder Rhodes  and Elder jang alot. I LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

A miracle I can share is at the ward activity I felt like I was on fire with Korean and getting to know people better. I was having fun with all of the young men and built a great relationship with all of them. I talked with all of the other missionaries investigators and got to know them and I only think I missed 5 or 6 other people at the activity that I didnt talk to! It was a great feeling!
Life is Great LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hump Day

This week was super fun!!!

This week we got to meet a couple of people. First was our investigator that is a nice missionary for another church. We went into the lesson planning on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ but he didn't really want to learn about that he wanted to learn about Elijah and how to prepare for the second coming. He is a super nice guy and has a lot of interest in learning more about God and about the doctrines of our church, but he seems to not have any spiritual interest or any intent to join our church. We are going to continue to meet with him and see how it goes.

The other two we met with are new investigators. One is a 19 year old kid that actually knows one of our members from school. We taught him with the members older brother and that is how we found out. He is a really shy kid but wants to learn about our church and about the purpose of life. He used to go to a church with his mom but now he doesn't anymore. he told us that he wants to start to come back to church.

The other man is a person that I called off of the calling records and set an appointment with him. We taught him the first lesson and we are planning to meet him every Friday. He seems to have a lot of interest.I'm excited for that!

One interesting thing that I found in my study this week, I was reading a talk given by Elder Callister in the MTC. He was talking to the missionaries about being a consecrated missionary. I was think about it a lot and I was thinking of the example of consecrated missionaries in my life both in the scriptures and in our mission. In the talk it says consecrated missionaries are constantly trying to progress and to improve and seek correction. Elder Christofferson's current bush mormon message is the best!!!!!! I always want to ask the question, how can I improve more and become a consecrated missionary?

I have two miracles for this week. The first is Elder Cook's Conference. He talked all about Love. It is so true how you cannot do this work without loving the people, your companion, mission president and especially the Lord. It was a great conference where I got to learn a lot and receive revelation for my investigators.

the second miracle is how many lessons and great contacts we had this week. I have been trying to be more focused on always being a missionary, and always seeking to teach. It was amazing to see how much more success you see when you are constantly trying to find and teach. Really cool miracle to see.
Thanks for the awesome hump day package it was the best!!!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

May 25

Sorry we were doing a service project so we had to email later. Thanks for the music it will be awesome. My vote for the names are 양 (Yang) and 음(Euem) that is the Korean version of Yin and Yang but if not yin and yang is my vote.....because im in asia.
Im super excited this week because I get to go to the temple for the first time in 4 months and we have a mission conference this saturday with Elder Cook!!!!!
I love the Daily Bread Videos, I love watching them!!! It is SOOO true I dont know what I would do without that daily source of boost from the scriptures. It really is like food! Spiritual food that is!!!
This week was a very good week.

This week we met with a couple of our investigators. The first was is another church's missionary but is a very nice open person. He brought his friend alot and we talked to them for a while. We taught the restoration and a little bit about the Book of Mormon. The only problems are that they dont really have spiritual interest and they want to talk with a higher church leach, such as President or Elder Cook, when he comes for the Mission Conference this Saturday. We invited them to the fireside that night and they sounded like they wanted to come. It was a good chance to meet and talk with them.

The second was a new investigator. He is a 18 year old kid, who played basketball with us and wanted to meet more. So we taught him with a member present, a member who just got his mission so he was a huge help. We talked about God is our Heavenly Father and Families, but stopped there because when I asked him a question about living with his family forever the idea kind of turned him off. I guess he has a few family problems, so we talked about that for a little bit. It was a super good lesson. We informed the member of what we were going to teach, and we all taught really well together. After our lesson He stayed and the church hto play soccer with the members for a little bit. He found a friend that was his age. Looks pretty good so far.

For study this week I was reading alot in the Bible and General Conference Talks. There was one story that I really liked this week, It is the story of Jarius. I like how much faith Jarius has even when the messenger comes to tell them that his daughter is dead. I really like the phrase , " the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth." This is one of my new favorite bible stories. Also along with the Bible I studied the lessons more to teach our investigators better.

I have two miracles this week, one was an exchange I went on with our zone leader, Elder Chisholm.
He didnt train me on alot but I learned alot from him just by watching the way he does missionary work and carries himself.
The was a bad part to that was just coming back to the area and finding out that our companions had gotten 3 contacts throughout the exchange and that they just sat in the house and talked. The next morning Elder Chisholm came to our house and talked to us a little bit. HE lit a fire under Elder Lee's butt and He was SUPER mad!!!
 We made some goals to progress and to use time better. That is where the second miracle comes in Elder Lee has changed alot for the better since Elder Chisholm came. He wants to work alot more and is more willing to work with me. We are not at the full potential we can be at yet, but we are improving
Well I hit my year mark this week. I have already recieved the Hump day package. But I had Elder Lanford hide it so I wont open it until Thursday. I dont know where the Easter package is...maybe lost...oh well maybe it will still come. But dang a year has gone by.....Its gone by really fast and I feel like this next year will go by even faster. Im excited for the opportunity to get more blessings and grow more even if i dont get any baptisms, i have still done my job converting myself!!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Thanks for all the support in the last year!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
sorry pics next week i forgot my cord......