Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's a Bouncing Baby Boy!

Hello Fam!!!!
I have had a very wonderful week this week!
Meet my brand new, full blooded Mauri bouncing baby boy!!!! Elder Hopi Keil straight from Hastings, New Zealand!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so funny and the best!!!!
Well first off training is the best! Especially with Elder Keil. I love Elder Keil to death!! He is so much fun to be around! He is helping me a lot!! I am not training him he is training me! He came pre trained. The only thing I am teaching him that he doesn't already know is Korean. He is doing super well! He always tells me how much he loves missionary work even though he is being rejected a lot. My miracle was watching him help teach in English to the lady from Cameroon. He was testifying and telling the story of Joseph Smith all with a HUGE smile on his face!!! I love working with him!!
As far as investigators go Elder Keil and I met our 18 year old investigator this week. We actually got him to be a little more serious and actually talked with him more. He hasn't read, prayed or come to church yet, but he says that he just has a feeling that the Book of Mormon is God's word. That is really cool, but the only thing is that he doesn't really want to act on that. We gave him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, invited him to church as well as praying. He works on Sundays so he said it would be hard to come.

Our new investigator this week was actually a referral from the African refugee we have been working with (who is doing really well by the way) She is from Cameroon, Protestant but she is really open to the gospel. We talked about the restoration with her on Sunday with Jerome there. It is really cool that even though Jerome is in a really tight spot that he is still wanting to help the missionaries and help the gospel spread.

My studies this week have been focused a lot on how to prepare a district meeting. I have spent a lot of time in Alma 17 and 18 and we will talk about that a lot in District meeting on Wednesday. I've gotten a lot of cool ideas and impressions about how to give a meeting and how to be able to help everyone grow and be inspired.

But our district is really great! Everyone is getting along really well and the atmosphere compared to last transfer is different in a better way. It is a really great feeling! I feel like everyone here is ready to work hard and to get lots of work done! I know we will see lots of miracles this transfer! I'm super excited to be able to watch it all from the spot that I am in! I really think that every single companionship in our district could, if people's agency permits, baptize a person this transfer. I know it is pretty high "goal" but I really do believe that everyone has enough fire inside of them to get it done!

 Love you and Thanks for all you do!
Love Elder  Miles ​Diede
A goodbye present from 2 sister for the leaving missionaries


Elder Diede and Elder Keil
Elder Diede Elder Keil and Elder Buckwalter

Me and Elder Eagar

Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer News


Well Transfers calls were stunning.
I am training a brand spankin new missionary(could be american or Korean) and I also am District Leader.
Im gonna be honest I am super nervous to train and be a district leader at the same time, but i am ready and up for it! I am actually really excited to train! Teaching an american would be fun, and working with a korean would be equally as fun! I want to serve with an american more. i want to train in my own language first.

im really thankful for the opportunity to serve with Elder Lee. We have had lots of the good and lots of the bad together, but I have definetly learned alot from him. He pushed me pretty hard and I am glad I got that chance.
 This week he has been kinda "sick" I guess he has spent alot of time in the bathroom. The only thing is whenever we were at home or with members at the church, he didnt have to go to the bathroom, but the minute we stepped out to go  he had to go to the bathroom and was sick... not quite sure what to do about that one.

Well as far as investigators go because Elder Lee was leaving he called people to meet. One brother I was thinking about dropping but Elder Lee didnt want to, but at this meeting Elder Lee kind of offended him, he acted like another church screaming missionary they guys that say repent or you go to hell that kind of stuff) so he dropped himself.   I think I am going to concentrate alot on finding to build our teaching pool, by dropping all of our investigators because none are progressing.

For studies this week I read alot in Romans and have been trying to look at the teaching styles of the apostles and how i can use them, I also read the story of the Road to Damascus. Great story.

My miracle this week is the refugee we are working with. We got him all moved into a new place and he is all set. The place is tiny it is probobly a 10 foot by 10 foot room. there isnt really anything else we can do for him except teach him Korean, so we have invited him to our korean class. Also he is now finding job openings pretty easily. It was a great chance to serve!
We had a stake YM/YW activity in our ward on Saturday and i ran a relay race basketball game. They all would not get off thier phones....I hope america isnt like that.

LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Diede

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

Hey Yo Whats Up!!
This next week is Transfer calls so ill keep ya posted. Eler Lee and I get along fine. he is just insane sometimes.

This week was a pretty good week. We didnt meet with any of our investigators except for a new investigator that Elder Lee and Elder Whitehead taught while I was on exchanges. So we picked up one new investigator this week and all of our other appointments fell through. I really hate not meeting with people its not fun.

Well the New Testament is the Best.

This week for study I was reading in Acts alot. I really like the story in Acts chapter 3 where Peter and John heal the lame man. I especially like the part in all of those type of healings that the person doing the healing always reaches down or says arise. It is a literal raising up from the sickness. I also liked the story of Stephen in chapter 7, I like reading in Acts alot.
Also when i get home....Hayden and Gavin and maybe Shayna We are doing Scripture Study Together Everyday you need it for your missions.

One miracle this week was an exchange with Elder Chisholm, our ZL . I love going on exchanges with older missionaries because they make me feel like a greenie again and give me brand new tips that I have never thought of before. He gave me alot of ways that I could help the ward, my companion and our district and i plan on using them this next week, and thourghout my mission.

Another thing that we had the opportunity to do this week was to visit a man in the hospital with liver cancer. I dont really like being in hospitals very much, unlike you, but when ever I go I always feel like the veil is thinner and I see things. Because there are babies being born and people passing away i feel a little closer to my Heavenly Father.
This man also passed away so we attended his funeral, I helped carry the coffin because this man only has his sister and a couple others for family. Kinda sad I will be praying for the family.

I also went on an exchange with Elder Eagar this week. He is doing good. he is struggling a little bit with recognizing weaknesses and being willing to improve. i gave him a couple of scriptures like Ether 12:27 to him and gave him a few of my experiences and pointers. I love Elder Eagar alot. He really works hard and tries to improve. He is an awesome missionary.

J, the refugee has decided he is going to continue to go to the English branch in Seoul, but he still wants to live in our area so he can work at the factories later. We have our members on top of that and we are all under control.
LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 29

We had a pretty good week this week.

We were able to meet one of our investigators this week. He randomly showed up to the church while the sisters were there and they called us to come. So we came to the church and played a little bit of basketball with him and then sat down and had a lesson with him. We taught him about the restoration, Book of Mormon and prayer. We extended a soft baptismal commitment to him and he accepted but he would not commit to a date. We also invited him to church but he slept in instead of coming to church. Very frustrating.

My study this week has been really focused on the Christ-like attributes and how improve and progress more. I liked humility a lot, because I am still trying to look for ways to help Elder Lee more and more and how to have more with humility.

A miracle for me is seeing how much I have progressed. We had the opportunity to go to a wedding where the groom was from my first area, so i got to meet and talk to the members again. It was cool to see how much I have progressed in the language. I got to talk to slot of my favorite members from my greenie area!!! so much fun!!!
Also we had a surprise mission conference this week it was given by a guy named PJ Rogers, you can look him up.; He is a really famous comedian and radio guy in Korea that has lived here for 15 years. He is absolutely fluent at Korean and knows the culture really well..and he is SOOO funny!!
He gave us a lot of tips and ideas of how to work on Korea and how to adapt and accept the culture more. Elder Lee didn't like it because PJ was talking about parts of his culture that he didn't realize were actually there. it just happens.
I have had a lot of people call me back and want to meet with us and especially play basketball with me because our church has a big basketball court and in our area all the people on the street think i am a pro basketball player.

It is the time of the year again when BBQ chicken literally an entire chicken can be bought for 3 bucks out of the back of a truck​(thats right be jealous Gavin)

Elder Lanford and I have awesome matching animal ties.​
Say hi to the family for me!!!! Take lots of pictures and make it feel like I'm there. When they ask about me that is a good chance to talk about the gospel!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede