Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, Chocolate and Investigators

Her letter probably along with your letters, if you already sent them are probably already here. I only get mail twice a month. but if she is talking about the one i sent in the MTC I got it and I sent her one back. I wish they would do something to hasten the work here more. It is super hard to work with members but there is that language barrier. That storm you experienced I have 2 weeks of that straight here during monsoon season, plus the aftershocks. so fun.....
This week has been pretty amazing. We went to an awesome flea market, there is stuff for so cheap and you can barter it even lower. Tons of fun to see all the cool trinkets and stuff. Then we went to a buffet specifically because it had a chocolate fountain. We ate tons of it and put it on Ice cream and oranges and bananas, so good! Then for FHE we played signs, Koreans love that game.
On Tuesday we Taught a new investigator and his wife that we talked to on the street. So We taught him and his wife in a food court and it went well. They both went to seminary so they both have really strong religious backgrounds. but they just are so open and love to let us talk to them. We are going to meet with them every Tuesday. We also picked up an investigator from English Class. His name is 민경호 or Ming. We talked with him right after English class and he really wants to know about our church. He told us exactly what to teach him Gods words, about Joseph Smith and how to pray. This week picking up three investigators is amazing, and we have so many more potentials.
This week we were on the street, when both of us got a really bad feeling that we should leave the place where we were at. It was kind of a scary moment, but we left and went somewhere else. There was a more drunk people than normal and I think that is why. Usually I love talking to drunk people, but this time it was scary, I didn't know what would happen, but then we were guided to another spot where we had tons of success gave out a few Book of Mormons and received lots of numbers. It was good to follow a clear spirit to a place I think we needed to be.
Nothing else really too special.
Our ward mission leader owns all the subways in Korea so he brings us sandwiches and cookies or we go there for our meetings. I got to eat Pig liver, lung and colon/blood sausage. it was actually pretty good i knew what it was before I ate it though so no surprise. We fed a bunch of pigeons one came and then 50 came all pecking around our feet. We played Golf card game and the loser gets shocked by our bug zapper racket. We went to a members house and ate because there is something called the 100 days for babies. If they live 100 days they celebrate and give gifts and food to people. Then we went to a meat buffet and we each ate 2 pans of this meat. around 3.5 kilos each. That is pretty much each I hope you like the pictures! Love ya!!!
  Chocolate FINALLY.  Koreans don't like sweets, so we had to stop when we saw it.
 Feeding the pigeons, You feed one, millions will come. If only people would work like this.

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