Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chew Sak Holiday

Lots of pictures this week just for you Malorie. They will come in multiple emails. This week was a holiday called chew sak. Everyone travels to their hometowns, eats lots of food and spends time with their family. Missionaries have a mission conference, clean their house and eat lots of food. Before Mission conference we had a mission-wide fast. I love fasting because it helps us out a lot. The purpose of this fast was so we can remove all of the anchors and ropes holding our mission back so that we can quickly go forward.  Then at mission conference talked about getting our daily bread. We talked a lot about Manna and how it only lasted one day. Same thing with our missionary work and the little miracles we receive here everyday. That is one of presidents favorite phrases, " recognize the little miracles everyday." He said we need to only focus on the task at hand somtimes and then move on not try and take on the whole thing at once. If you get a chance look up Elder Christoferson's Daily Bread videos, they are super good.
After the mission fast we ate tons of good food, but to open our fast we went to a buffet. This buffet we ate so much chicken. Before we realized we were full they brought another plate to us. In Korea you have to eat everything on your plate or they charge you extra. So we played rock paper scissors or kai bai bo you had to eat. We play Kai bai bo for literally everything. After mission conference We had an entire day to clean, but we had been cleanng over the past couple of weeks during free time so it only took us 4 hours to finish. then we went to 동대문 market and I bought a 200 dollar suit for guess how much....50 bucks. It is an awesome Korean style suit and yes it is shiny. picture attached. Then the next day was PDay so we had a party and played basketball and watched the best 2 years with 2 other zones. Tons of Fun!! There isn't much else that has happened this week We only taught one lesson, to Sam because of the holiday, but he was clean from smoking for 2 days because his family doesn't know he smokes and he was with his family. but then he didn't answer our calls to come to church the next day. We should see him tonight.
Transfer Calls are this Saturday so I get to see what happens. We have a guessing game our house is playing, super fun. They are putting 2 more elders in 동대문 so i think Elder Franchina and i will split and I will get an older missionary while franchina trains again. Elder Franchina thinks im going to train but that is scary and im not ready for that yet! Love Ya!
Elder Diede

 They have to eat all the food on the plates or they get charged more!

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