Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baptism Commitment!!!!

Well this week was a pretty great week minus the not being able to meet with any of our investigators part, so there was a lot of street contacting this week.

We started off the week with Ultimate Frisbee for Pday. All of the Koreans at the park stopped and stared because Frisbee do not exist here. We played with a member that recently returned from his mission in Busan and the other Elders Investigator. Really fun.
Then on Tuesday this week as we were tracking I got a text from the Sisters saying that the lady that i found Sister J. Committed to a baptismal date on April 26th!!!!!!!  I'm super excited We ran into her on the street this week and she wanted to buy us dinner but we said we weren't hungry(we were but that is another story) so we agreed with Ice Cream. So we talked with her for a while and she gave us really gross green disc shaped playdough texture" well being" food. Then we parted and we were waiting on a corner for the other elders but lo and behold she ran into the other elders and she dragged us back into the place and bought us another Ice cream cone. she is nice.

Anyways....I set up an appointment with Mr.Choi, the man who gave me a Korean fan last time who loves us. So all of the missionaries went we were thinking he was going to give the new missionaries fans but he gave one to all of us. Mine says " Love thy Neighbor as thyself" You can see the attached pictures of me being awesome with both my fans.
He also took us out to a dinner of refrigerator noodles, or cold noodles. Super good I like them a lot. 

He also told us a story of Mr. Lee his Chinese friend. Who his first name was the first letter in the Chinese alphabet, so he named all of his kinds with the next alphabet like A Lee, B Lee, C Lee and so forth. Then he turned to me and said your family is the same way!!! your dad is AD your mom is BD a CD is in a computer and DD is here!!!! It was super funny!!!

Then E. Roskelley and I went to Golden Voice, the English Club we do service at and we talked about alot of funny things. One of the members told us that our rules were really strict and strange but she respects us for keeping the rules and that we are men of our rules as she put it.

At English class Sister J gave the Elders a bunch of stuff, including MMA style shirts, water bottles. allot of her homemade well being food, socks, and a few more to be nameless items.
Our English class has grown from one person coming to having too many people so we have 3 different classes now. It is awesome to see. I put alot of work into the English class and it is cool to see it Blossom.

Speaking of Blossoms, We are starting to get the Early trees of Cherry blossoms. The Cherry blossom season will be starting soon so be excited for some cool pictures, i gave you a sample today. so pretty!!!

Yesterdays church was also really fun I sat next to the fan guy and he held my hand the entire sacrament meeting, because that is normal in Korea. He is the nicest guy I love him. Also our branch President had me read a "Very Important" message from the First Presidency in Church. It was about Tuberculosis Screening for returned missionaries. I could barley get through it without laughing when I saw the other missionaries.

Anyways LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food Glorious, Korean Food and a Ham Sandwich

well this week was a super fun week!!

To start off the week we played Ultimate Frisbee with a soccer ball. We got closer together as a district. It was super fun!

I went on an exchange with a greenie this week and we taught our investigator named Mr.Lee. He is very good at English and lived in San Francisco for a couple of years. We taught him the first lesson and wrapped up the lesson with a soft baptismal commitment. He accepted the commitment very well. The only problem was that  he doesn't like church at all..... so we will continue to meet with him and work on that.

I found a lady this week that the sisters have been teaching and she is GOLDEN. She came to church and cried because she loved it so much. She is going to be baptized soon and the other Elders also have an investigator waiting to jump into the font!!! SUPER COOL!!!!!

We also had 2 food appointments on the same day this week!! One was a SUPER good buffet called VIPS. It is a steak restaurant with a buffet complete with cheesecake and ice cream. It cost about 40 dollars a plate, but the less active that fed us is SO rich so he said it was pocket change. 

The second was with one of my favorite members who fed us Shaba Shaba.(maybe you can look that up im not sure if it will work) but anyways I was exploding from the inside because of how much food i ate. SO GOOD!!! that is one thing i will miss the most about korea is the food, but I haven't had good american stuff in a LOOOOng time. 

Other than that normal everyday missionary work!!!!!!!

Sorry im kinda rushing they had us do a survey during email and i want to stay under the time limit!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
one is the $40 steak and buffet and the next is a 4 piece of bread ham sandwich I made!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Staying in Wonju and Happy

Well this week was a pretty good week!! Pretty normal though.
but first..Transfer Calls. I am staying in Wonju with Elder Roskelley!!!! I am so excited to stay here in Wonju!!! I love the Branch and the work here is so getting so much better!!!
Well to start I went on exchanges with our Zone Leader Elder Hone!! He came to wonju and we taught alot of street lessons, got so many contacts and picked up a new investigator! Also he got me hooked on a drink called Job's Tears Tea. IT IS SO GOOD!!! It is just a nut based tea. And we are in Korea so Tea is ok. I am buying a box of 100 packs today but usually i just get it from the tea machines.
Well anyways..My exchange went awesome, Elder Hone is a superstar missionary. He told me alot of things that could help me, elder Roskelley and our area, and He is the funniest guy too.
Well the New Investigator we picked up in named Mr Lee. He is super good at English and has TONS of gospel interest. He asked us every question under the rainbow!! He is amazing!!!!!
We ate with a member at a college and he wanted to refer his friend to us, but he was too drunk. but THEN we were walking and we met him on the street, so we sat down and taught a member present lesson to him!!!! He is a super nice guy and came to our English Class too!!!!
Well then we had a party with the ward because of a relief Society Birthday or something so we learned korean dances and ate a TON of food!!! i was SOOO full!!!
Then later that day we ate at a members house who makes TONS of food. I probobly ate 3 pounds of rice that day!!!!! i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO full!!!!!!!
Well that was my week!!!!! We had tons of fun and are starting to see lots of Miracles in wonju!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10

I cant believe that you are going rafting again without me!!! Thanks for the study stuff I will use it this week!!! Hayden...chillax man!! Shayna...thanks for the pics and do hurdles!! I cant wait to see the new car.
Well pretty boring week. I am sitting here in Taebaek because I am going on exchanges with Elder Hone my ZL. I am actually sitting next to Elder Redd getting to catch up with him about life and the good ole MTC times. We took a 3 hour train ride here this morning.
We had Zone training meeting this week, it was a really good Zone training meeting there was lots of stuff that i found I do well or that I can work on. plus it was kind of a final goodbye to all of the zone since transfer calls is this week and I think lots of people are going to leave the zone. sad because i REALLY love this Zone and i REALLY love my area so i will be really sad if i leave like REALLY sad.
Then just other little missionary work stuff. We did lots of contacting and we taught one lesson to our investigator.
Here is how it went...
We were planning on teaching the first lesson but when we started talking to him he really opened up to us and was telling us that he he going through a hard time and needs help, so we taught him about prayer. He didnt know that he could pray for himself, he just wanted us to pray for him. He says it is really easy to pray when my pastor does it for me. so we commited him to pray everyday and he accepted. Im super excited for his progress!!!
Well nothing really else....well I love ya!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO LEAVE WONJU!!!!!!!! so i hope i stay!!!!
Take care have a great week!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
 Elder Jang!!! my favorite!!!!
Elder Hone left and McFarland right

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Diede BB Show

Normal week as always, nothing too cool or special.
I always dont know what to say in this because it is usually the same thing, plus i like reading alot more than writing;)
I got to play basketball this week! We played at a park and people came and wanted to play with us because we are foriegners. Usually it was koreans vs americans and we won most games because of the Diede Show as Elder Edwards called it. So much fun. Then we got everyones numbers, and a return appointment with one guy!
We didnt really get to teach a sit down lesson in our area, but I did go on splits with Elder Edwards and we visited 2 less actives, one who is Excommunicated and the other thinks that God is an elephant, super weird. Then we taught an 87 year old new investigator \, who makes the funniest sounds ever. our conversation went like this
Do you believe in God?
What about Jesus Christ?
What do you think about them?
God is our Heavenly Father and Christ is his son who died for us. They are both really good people!
Nervertheless we were stunned! He was super awesome and I hope they continue to meet with them.
lots of contacting, knocking on doors, punked lessons.....
oh an area 70 came to our branch this week, because his son moved to our branch. It was super fun and awesome to have his family here. They will help do wonders for Wonju! We have had a lot more potential latley it has been awesome!
OH....i have been Phoneless for about a week and a half now, I cant contact anyone, i have to use the other elders phone. its the worst:(

Well thats about it! Any Questions!?
LOVE YA SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
  I'm studying the scriptures and the Liahonas, The language is coming good, i can do pretty much everything I want, its one of the hardest ever고든 senior comp is good i don't do much different other than lead stuff, i did that with Elder Batschi too the most challenging thing is.......probably the language or getting up at 630
I do lots of stuff in the scriptures I have read the BoM 1 1/2 times and the entire missionary library, mostly BoM and DC.

I LOVE our pursuit of happiness!! Korean is hard I have read about middle of 2 Nephi well I gotta go!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!! tell Shayna to keep sending me those memes and tell Gavin to start sending me his jokes I thought a lot about him this week.LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 here is the McAwesome and Elser Edwards and Roskelley with a cute kid that just moved in