Monday, February 24, 2014

Great Week with Investigators

Well this week was a travel full week.
 Oh to start off the week our phone stopped working so we couldnt contact anyone for 3 days and we still cant recieve texts or send them which is our main way of communication so....its rough.
We picked up a new investigator that followed Elder Roskelley from his last area and he wants to meet with us because he likes us more and apparently I speak really good Korean(I dont) It actually went pretty well, he wants to take us out to REALLY expensive food.
Our other investigator we met with and he has marked up his Book of Mormon SO much! WE asked him if he kept his commitment and he showed us all of the markings and we were taken aback!! it was amazing!....but he didnt pray. He says he needs time and that praying is easy when his pastor does it for him, but hard when he has to do it! He is a great guy that is now a progressing Investigator!
We got a new member to our branch. He, his wife and his little son moved in on Wednesday so we helped them move all of their stuff to their new apartment. There little kid is SO cute! They both served missions in the U.S and a both really excited about missionary work! He even told us he would go door knocking with us! Im super pumped because their family is exactly what our branch needs right now, they will help us get our branch more excited and willing to do missionary work!
Then we got to have Interviews with President. A few people went over so we talked with Sister Christensen for a while and she told us alot of Mission secrets like this combined mission conference. My interview with President was really good. We just talked about how I was doing and how we could help Wonju more. President is the best, but you have to be careful what you say because he goes off on tangents. like i mentioned one thing about our phone and it was a 5 minute rant about the company. I LOVE PRESIDENT SO MUCH!!!
Then we traveled to Gangneug for our District conference. The mission Presidency, District presidency and a korean area seventy were all there. We heard lots of really good talks and had lots of fun with our members and other missionaries.
This week was a really great week there were lots of things that kept us busy! Im excited for this next week! LOVE YA!!!!!!
Love Elder Miles Diede

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Sounds like Hayden is being really successful, and Im glad for Nicole. We have a Cambodian sister in our mission and she is super nice! I hope you passed your test, and Hayden does well on the ACT. Tests are awful.
Elder Roskelley said he is a missionary, not a voice teacher:) I just listen to him and he is super good. I love him he is super funny, he loves wearing those Valentine Glasses you sent me.
Well this week was a basic normal week. We had 2 days of just straight contacting, we literally did nothing else. it was SUPER hard, but I think it will be worth it. I was so tired after it, we just walked around all day long, my shoes have HUGE holes in them now. It is really fun when it rains, but the holes show others how hard I am working!!!!
This Wednesday we went to Gangneug, our Zone leaders area for Training meeting. Usually the trip takes about 1 1/2 but it took 4 hours this time because the 3 feet of snow that was dumped there. Elder Roskelley gave me some pictures of it because my pictures are gone. Anyways we had a really good training meeting we talked about Keeping the Sabbath Day holy. It was a really good training meeting and we needed it because a problem with one of our investigators is his parents will not let him come to church.
We actually contacted his aunt in another ward to try and help us out to get him to come to church. Super good, hope it turns out well.
Well that was pretty much all that happened this week. I Love Ya! Hope your all doing Awesome!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

 Our First Picture of Elder RosKelley.  New Comp is the one with the glasses.

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Companion Elder Roskelley

Thats right I am a ping pong champ and a master of Chopsticks!
There isnt really huge spiritual experience that come all the time, it is just by Conference and Training meetings and studying everyday and learning that I get spiritual experiences and learn and grow more. So sorry not really a cool spiritual experience.
Well as you know this was my last week with Elder Batschi so until Wednesday we kinda did what he wanted to do. We visted a member and had FHE with them and ate really good Pig Backbone Soup. We loved to play around with the kids. Korean kids are the cutest. Then we did lots of contacting and our Branch President took us to send Elder Batschi and Murdocks bags to their next area. He was funny and still didnt know Elder Batschi's name after 2 transfers. Its kinda hard in Korean.
Oh I had a bit of a rough night on Tuesday night. I didnt fall asleep until 12 but then woke up around 2 struggling with stomach pains then i got up after a while and threw up. Then i wasnt feeling to much better so I just grabbed my blanket and slept in the bathroom, sleeping for 20 minutes every now and then and throwing up a few more times. Eventually my stomach was empty and I was dry heaving for a long time. It was rough, but Im okay now.
We went to Seoul Wednesday morning so I was still kinda sick, the bus ride was pretty rough. We slept over at President Christensen's house on Wednesday night and we got there and they gave us Hot Chocolate and Oreos and we laughed and talked together then he had a few missionaries share what they had learned from personal study and he gave us a small 5 minute talk and then we went to bed.
Then I picked up Elder Roskelley. He is from Westpoint, UT. Right by Ogden. ( speaking of that have you ever heard of Farr's Ice Cream?) HE likes to sing and is amazing at it. He is really awesome to talk to< I love him already and he has the coolest glasses.
Oh ya I forgot to tell you I was printing out pictures and the guy wiped my memory card so he recovered them all but something is messed up so i cant send you the pictures I took Yesterday. sorry next week;(
Elder Edwards picked up a greenie named Elder Hansen. He is not a very social kid, he is pretty shy and doesnt talk, but he is SO smart. He knows so many vocab words, knows all of the scripture masteries and can recite them! I think the only problem I will have with him is he is constatly studying, which is good, but there is kind of a time and a place. Like he studies in between serves of Ping pong. but i like him alot.
We met with one of our investigators and good news he really wants to come to church, but bad news his parents dont like it. They want him to come to another church. So we taught him about prayer and recieving guidence so hopefully we will see lots of progress soon!
This Sunday was the happiest and closest I have ever been with the ward members. They Loved us this Sunday!! Im really excited for this next transfer, It could be my last in Wonju, it would be sad if it was I love Wonju.
But this week was really fun, alot of changes happened and alot more responsibility now. But I LOVE IT!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Senior Companion

Pass off Ties!  Way to go Elders!! 
Rice Neck,  Eating too much rice can make your neck stretchy.
 Zone Conference.  Met Elder Franchina, training Comp for Miles.

Well first I will tell you the Transfer News! Sadly Elder Batschi is leaving Wonju to go serve in an English Branch, but I will be staying in Wonju and I get a new companion from the MTC group below me named Elder RossKelly. I dont really know much about him so that will have to wait until next week. I am a full bore Senior Companion now, but im not sure how RossKelly's Korean is. In my district Elder Murdock is leaving and the Korean Sister, and both of their Companions will be training. There is alot of Koreans coming this transfer so our missiona is super excited!
We went to the Temple this week too. We went into Seoul for a mission conference, so we slept at the Temple and got to do a session. I havent been able to see the new Temple film yet, i know it really doesnt matter but it would be cool to see it. Our train was late so we were late to the Temple so we didnt get to spiritual prepare we just rushed in and changed. IT kinda made a difference I wasnt really focused for the first little bit. It makes a big difference.
We had a Korean Holiday this week. It is called Solnar, it is the Lunar New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Blue Horse! Anyways we had a really good Mission Conference, I got to sit next to Elder Franchina and Elder Smith during the whole thing. We talked about old times...Its crazy 1/3 of my mission is done I have been on my missiona for 8 months now!! It was loads of fun!!! We ate Duc Gook, a Korean Traditional Soup that when you eat it you become older.
Then Elder Batschi and I finished Passoff. We both Passed Recieved and recieved our ties!! I did it with Elder Kafusi, who is super awesome!! Then we had to run to catch our bus. Everything went wrong and we ended up missing it...or so we thought. We went to go exchange our tickets and get dinner then we came back out and the bus actually never left because there were no people on it. So the bus left the station 15 minutes late with 5 people on it. The driver was really ticked and was swearing up a storm he had to go 2 hours for 5 people.
Then we had Change day. We deep cleaned our entire house and we worked really fast to get done early so we could have a PDay still. We actually finished a little early and went to go play ping pong for a while. Super fun!  Then we couldnt do missionary work for 2 days because there is noone on the streets and people HATE you if you knock on their we did nothing, but have dinner will members. We made a whole bunch of Korean food and had fun!!!!
Well I love ya I gotta go I will be back in about an hour!!! That was kind of a horrible Superbowl it sounds like. Good for the Seahawks. Hayden- 축하드립니다!
 LOVE YA!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede 
Hey I also need Ideas of FHE games we can play with little kids in not alot of space