Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Companion Kim Gunn

First awnsering questions. I havent seen conference yet. I get to see it next week because it has to be translated. I get snail mail probobly 2 times a month. sometimes 1. I have not been to the mission home yet. I see President every now and then but not too often. I hope you had a good Bday and I hope Hayden does too. Boom Hayden Colts are the best. ps there is no team called Logan they played utah State.;)
Well To start off I will recap my last couple of days is 동대몬. Our last Pday we went on a hike. It was a really fun little hike and at the top there was a pagoda with a magnificent view of Seoul.( pictures coming) Then we went to a flea market and just browsed around. That night at FHE my three favorite people from the ward came and we played a game called Yah EMo No. I took a video but it is too big to send. sorry. I will have to teach you when I come back it is SUPER fun! For Tuesday and Wednesday we cut out hearts and did stuff for members. Two couples had babies in our ward this week. Then I got to teach my last lesson to Sam. We taught him about tithing and then he took us out to Icecream. There is a flavor of Icecream here called shooting star and it is so good!!! it has pop rocks everywhere in the icecream. That concludes my last days. I will really miss that house and the elders I was with they were so much fun to be around.
Then Transfers. I got to meet my new companion named Kim Gunn. We have the biggest height difference in our companionship seeing as he is one of the shortest in our mission. He is a very energetic Korean whoes laugh kills me every time, he squeaks and it is hillarious. He is a super good missionary, but because he is Korean people wont talk to him and he understands all the insults that people say. So i do lots of talking because koreans love seeing foriegners speak Korean. I have developed a new style of proselyting. It is a Thy will be Done attitude. That is kim gunn and my motto for this transfer. I have become the most happy entergetic talker on the street. Elder Kim says I am one of the best 전도ers he has seen, not by the Korean language but how I act and make the person feel. I think Elder kim is amazing at member work so I think we are pretty well off. It is a little different adjusting to a new house they do stuff alot different. I am also living with Elder Schofield and Elder Rhodes. Also the Sisters are Sister Aurous from Germany and Sister Kwon from Korea, both super nice. I Live on the 7th floor of an apartment and my area goes to the outskirts of the north end of Seoul. its really pretty. Elder Kim is a master chef so he is teaching me how to make Korean food! I eat Korean food every meal now, no more cereal.
We do a service activity at a welfare center every Friday. This week we washed dishes. Next week is a garage sale. Its actually pretty fun, and Elder Kim drills me on Korean grammer and vocab the entire time. The ward here is super great. When I was giving my intro talk Sister Kwon went before me and I made a joke about how sister kwon was WAy better than me at korean and they all laughed. The ward here is 2x bigger than my last ward and we have a good Youth pool so that is where we are concentrating on finding investigators. Its working pretty good. Other than that life is still the same, just livin it up in Korea! Doin the greatest work ever!
Elder Miles Diede

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