Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Cleaning Font

Eating chicken

First transfer calls. Elder weight is leaving, but literally the next area over so superclose. I am getting a new companion named Elder Miller. i have no idea who he is...
This week was a pretty great week. Im really bummed that Elder Weight is leaving but i am excited for Elder Miller to come as well. Some times changes are hard but for the best. 

So 정윤서 is doing great, unfortunately he was not baptized this last week, because he could not meet with us this last week, so we couldn't do the baptismal interview or finish teaching him all of the lessons. He came to church on Sunday and we finished the lessons completely and he is all ready to go for next week. There is literally no way that he wont get baptized next week. We have permission and all of the lessons done. Im excited for him, but I think that this extra week will help him prepare a lot more and not have his baptism rushed. All is well with him.

We met a couple of new investigators this week that hopefully will progress lots in the coming weeks. We have a lot of potential to look forward to this transfer and Im excited for Elder Miller to come here. We are going to hit the ground running.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ and lining it up so i get to read the Eastern portion during Easter so i am super excited for that. Also i have been reading in the Book of Mormon and studying conference talks. I have also been thinking a lot about questions and concerns I can bring with me to conference to get them answered. I know they will be answered.

I went on exchanges with an Elder in my zone who has big anger problems this week and it was kinda rough. While we were on the street he let his anger get the best of him a lot. I had to pull him away from a couple of people, because he was getting pretty mad at them, but we talked more about it and some other things that i think he needed to hear and it turned out pretty well. my love for him grew during this exchange his is still the same old elder but i figured out how to deal with him and help him a little bit more. It was an exchange that was really hard but I actually really enjoyed.

We went to kinda see the DMZ again this week. We originally planned on going to the actually DMZ but it was closed because of a forest fire, so we went to the Unification Observatory instead. It was still super fun and we still saw propaganda city in North Korea. it was super fun!

Love you Lots!!!! Miss you!!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yet Another Memoriable Eating Experience


We had a pretty great week this week! We had an investigator that was planned for being baptized this week but we ran into some problems getting permission from his parents. so we were not able to do it this week,but his parents didn't say that he cant go to church they was just worried about what their son was doing. Long story short the father came to the church and talked with our amazing Young Mens president, and talked to his son some more and he is scheduled to get baptized this next week! Super awesome miracle! I was looking at him on Sunday and he fit in to our young mens so well. He looks like he just belongs in the church! Im excited for him!

Our other investigator that was going to be baptized has not answered his phone very much lately, he has been grounded so it has been hard to meet him, hopefully he can get baptized next month.

I read the awesome story of the Anti Nephi Lehis burying their weapons the other day and a lot of things came to my mind. In one of the verses it says that they buried the weapons "deep" in the ground. I think they buried them deep for a reason. They made it so they couldn't retrieve them again, even if they wanted to. I think that is how we need to be with sin, when we throw our sin away we need to throw away everything that comes with it, burying them deep! Not ever going back to old ways or habits but putting them away. That was a really cool insight to me, especially since I have been thinking about keeping up mission habits and not falling into some of my old ones, that is going to be one of my goals.

Our zone took a really big fall this week with progressing investigators and baptismal dates. We had a couple people who were really solid drop off because of parents or a college professor, who didn't like us. We did see some awesome things happening in 이문. One of the Elders have a baptismal date. Im glad that they can see the visible success, because they all work really hard.

I ate Dog this week. Super good. different but super good. see attached picture. 2 words...korean...culture....:) it was really good.

Love you!


Elder Weight and Elder Diede

Woof :(

Fantastic Week


We had a pretty fantastic week this week.

Our high school investigator came to church this week and is looking really nice to get baptized next week.  He was fellow shipped really well and fits in with the young men class really nicely. it is always a good sign that when the members are all asking him about baptism and he takes it really well and actually goes and tells people he is getting baptized. We will meet him a couple times this week and finish up everything and get him all prepared for the service, we shouldn't have any problems. He is looking solid.

Then our other investigator with the baptismal date will have to have his date moved back. He did not come to church because he went out of town and will not be able to come next week so he will have to be moved to next month probably. kind of a bummer, but he still looks good to get baptized the only problem is getting parents permission and when he can get baptized. We will continue to work with him and push him.

My studying this week has come out of chapter 5 in PMG doing several different personal study activities and reading in the Book of Mormon. One thing I learned is Moroni is so awesome. i already knew that but the amount of trials and hard times he had to go through is amazing, and still being firm in the faith and not denying Christ...he definitely knew that it was true.

I went on exchanges with Elder Perry, our AP this week. It was a very good exchange. i think we both learned a lot from each other. we talked a little bit about correcting others and he answered a lot of my questions. it was good to go on an exchange with him. We were talking to each other at the Christmas Conference and we both decided, that we had never really talked to each other or served around each other but we have a mutual respect for each other. That was my miracle this week.

Love you lots!!! Only 2 months left!! see you soon!! I dont remember playing gangnam style 70 times before i left....but hey Hayden is a little different.

Love Miles


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Working for the Lord

This week was a pretty decent week for Elder Weight and I. We definetly had some fun working together this week.
First off for investigators we had our 15 year old investigator who is looking really solid to be baptized this month. We met with him and talked to him a little bit more about reading the scriptures and prayer, and talked a little bit more about what baptism really is. He came to church and had a great time!  He was super happy and bubbly and talked to everyone! He really likes sunday school and young mens! We have some great fellowshippers  that are doing well with him. We hope that he can be baptized on the 22nd. Then our 18 year old investigator is also doing well. We went and played soccer with him and the members loved him(because he was really good)  We didnt get the chance to meet with him outside of that. We also have some fellowshippers that are working hard with him as well.

My study this week was all in 3rd Nephi. It was good to read the teachings of Jesus Christ in that section. I kind of coupled that with a little bit of studying in the Christ like attributes to be like he is. I also read more in Chapter 5 in PMG and got alot of insights.

My miracle this week was going to Mission Leadership Council. It honestly was  like spiritual gunfire. There was so much spiritual information that it filled me to the brim and then some!  Focusing on the Book of Mormon this month is going to be so much fun, so I am super excited. The STLs and us gave a super good training this wednesday. It was so spiritual and I hope it inspires the missionaries in our zone, I remember when i was a younger missionary and how much Zone Training meetings affected me. but that was a great first time experience.
Fun times!! Congrats Hayden!!!
hey those classes sound good to me ill tell you what religion class i want to take and stuff ill do a little exploring next week.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good Week

This was a pretty fun week for Elder Weight and I.  We met lots of fun and interesting people this week.

We have a new investigator, but i have not met him yet because i was on exchanges with Elder Zimmer when we had an appointment with them.  My exchange with Elder Zimmer went really well. He is a really interesting person and definetly has a different style than I do. It was honestly probably one of the hardest exchanges that I have ever done. He is doing really well as a district leader so far, he is still trying to figure things out a little bit. His first district meeting went well, it was a little hard to understand, but it was his first one so he can go nowhere but up! He really cares about people in his district and area, he just struggles to understand them well. He is becoming a good District Leader.

We also met a really crazy guy that we probably wont meet again. He was talking all about how he can see spirits and the Book of Mormon was stolen from the Buddhist bible..Crazy guy. Our district has met a lot of weird people and people who want to bible bash lately, its kind of insane.  

For my studies this week I finished Helamen and started into 3rd Nephi. i cant wait until Christ comes down, I actually have not read that in personal study for a while so i'm looking forward to it. 

My miracle this week is how hard our zone worked this week. We ended the month with 9 dates but we were up to 12 at one point it was super cool. This is a really hardworking zone and i love it!

Ask me later about my 2nd hand shoe story its too long to type. Pretty much a pair of shoes that i got as a gift fell apart as i was wearing them....

Love You!!!