Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 25 ,2015

Another challenging but worth the work week.  It seems to me that it is getting harder and harder everyday.  Elder Bodan and I have been working hard but there is something that is holding us back or keeping us from having more success.  It a little bit hard but were both pushing through it so were both doing good. We love each other and having fun working with each other. I still love working here and it is a great source of happiness but It can be so hard to see people reject your message.
There is not really anything new with our investigators, almost everyone has stopped picking up the phone or has become to busy to meet with us. WE did have a couple of lessons this week with a few investigators but a lot of those kind of just turned into the investigators asking questions and getting stuck on things like where is the preexistence or they just couldn't understand the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was kind of frustrating this week with the investigator pool.  It has been kind of an empty couple of weeks these last couple of weeks, we haven't found too many good people to meet...but hey that may mean we are close and we will keep working!
This week for study time I read bits and pieces in Alma. I read the stories of Ammon teaching King Lamoni and Aaron teaching King Lamoni's father. Being in Alma, and seeing these great missionaries example makes me want to be a better missionary and to see and experience the things they have. I dug a little bit deeper and i figured out I have experienced a good majority of what these Book of Mormon heroes have gone through. I haven't been cast in prison, bound and starved for a couple days but I have experienced the despair, heartache and some of the happiness and miracles that they experienced. That was a cool thinking process that I got to be a part of.
I didnt really have a big-ish miracle this week, but I just had little things to keep me going throughout the week. A well placed joke by Elder Bodan or a man who would actually give me more that 2 second on the street were all my miracles this week. Also the other miracle is that a member from Taegu just moved into our ward and she can kind of play the piano, so the ward took advantage and called her to be the ward pianist, so I do not have to plunk out the songs in sacrament meeting anymore. That was one stress lifted.
I am still super excited for Nauvoo and doing some refting trips would be fun! I would just love to hang out with family and friends too....but there will be plenty of time for that.
Love you lots
also school stuff i dont know. For a major i want to pick something i enjoy doing and i dont want to hate going to work every day for the rest of my life. That internship i did for sports marketing was a blast, so i have been thinking about doing that, but i dont really know anything about it or what i want to be...i have no dreams or hopes as far as a career or school other than do good. taking a korean class would be fun, but i may just have to move on. i did get a letter sent to Grand. Turner.

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