Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 8, 2015


This was not a bad week at all.  It was just a very normal week and we had a little bit of success and Elder Bodan and I had a lot of fun together.  

We started our week off with the Buddhist temple with our Chinese investigator. It was tons of fun and he told us lots of stories. I think i will have to study about Buddhism a little bit more, it is kind of like mythology. could be fun to study, for fun i think. 

We did not get to meet any of our investigators this week but we did get to meet with three new ones.

1. a 40 year old from Canada who is getting married really soon. he is a non practicing Catholic, and is very open with us. He knows a little bit about our church and is will

2. A 30-ish year old who lived in the Philippines for a while. He bought us lunch, we showed him around the church and he even took us to his office and we met all of his co workers and even his father. They all liked us a lot and because they are all developers they were giving us advice on how to improve the church. it was kind of funny. 

3. A grandpa who we felt the spirit pretty strongly when we were in the lesson with him. At first he wasnt really listening to us then we kinda switched tactics a little bit and he started listening. It was a cool switch. 

 All three of them have a lot of potential to be really good investigators, but the big problem Elder Bodan and I are facing is investigators not meeting us we will see what happens. 

My studies this week were alot focused on Alma talking to his sons. There are a lot of good little tidbits in those couple of chapters and I pondered on them a lot. Also I did a couple of PMG activities and wrote down my testimony and did a 100 grateful things. That helped me a ton. Seeing my testimony on my wall everyday strengthens me alot.

Elder Bodan says my miracle is surviving with him as my companion for another week but my real miracle this week is that I felt more prompted on where to walk this week and by doing so we found a couple of new investigators, so that was a plus for me.

Love ya lots!!!!!


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