Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18

It was a hard week this week, and not very much happened.  

One day I felt like I needed to call our hospitalized investigator to see if he picked up the phone and he did. He had just gotten out of the hospital and charged his phone that morning. He had said that because the hospital was boring he had been reading the Book of Mormon, which is a miracle in itself because he went into the hospital because he was going blind. He said he is about half way done with it and is praying about it.  The only bad part is that he goes into the hospital again today( i think) to get another surgery. So he has said we can visit with him next week hopefully.

We met with our Pakistan investigator and he is a tough one. He has a lot of deep questions and we are trying to teach him simply but his questions he asks are not simple questions. Elder Bodan and I will talk about him this more and think about dropping him, he just is not very prepared to accept what we are saying.

This week I got to read one of my favorite stories in the scriptures, the story of Alma meeting Amulek and both of them going and contending against Zeezrom. I love these two missionaries and the way they work together to confound Zeezrom. I loved it a lot! I found some cool points. I have also been working on improving my prayers so I have been studying a little bit about that as well. 

Playing the piano this week was in one word...laughable. In more ways than one. I found out a couple days before the stake presidency was coming to visit us. That made me a little bit nervous. Me playing was better than not having the piano, but not by much.. I was glad I could laugh at myself and everyone could laugh and forgive me..

Im super excited to go to Nauvoo that will be cool!!!!!!

Elder Boden burning a shirt

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