Sunday, February 15, 2015

Transfer to 동대문

So Transfer calls took a very unexpected turn....because we have to go to transfers today I have about an half an hour email now and i will start to email again around 2 o clock my time. Kinda late there:(  So I am going to 동대문 again. It was my greenie area when I first came to Korea so I am super excited to go bacK! I get to begin and end my mission there!! I also am getting a little bit more of a chance to serve because I am becoming a Zone Leader. I am super excited to be able to serve my zone and the people there!! so not alot of time today and i have to write my mission president first so hopefully ill talk to you or ill send you an email when I start again;)

Ok Here it is!!
So i am now sitting next to Elder Weight and it is already a fun time. He is from Salem and went to Salem hill my sister school so it should be fun. It is a really surreal experience to be back in my first area again. There is a wave of memories coming back to me as I was walking down the street. I am really looking forward to the chance I get to serve here with Elder Weight. I think we will help us both grow alot as we get to serve more people here in this zone.
Life in 춘천 was pretty normal. All of our lessons that came this week were from us saying goodbye to all of our investigators and less actives. There isnt really any new news for any of them.It was really sad to say goodbye to so many people I love but new experiences await!!
This week for studies I am in the exciting war bits of Alma. Captain Moroni always impresses me and is a great hero to look up to. One thing that really stood out to me this week was how much Captain Moroni "fortified" his people and cities. He knew the importance of arming his people in both the spiritual and physical ways. I drew a pretty cool picture of what i thought a fortified city would look like. Also a part that stuck out was how Lehonti was poisioned by degrees. satan does the same to us poisioning us slowly and slowly. If we dont catch it fast it can get bigger and bigger and eventually lead to deadly consequences.
My miracle of this week honestly was being able to come back to my first area. It has been my dream to come back since I left. I am SOO excited to be back here and am able to be in a geat place to serve!
Love you Lots!! Stay Happy, Healthy and 수고!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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