Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014


Well first off transfer calls was pretty surprising our district split. Everyone is staying and 2 more elders are coming( there are WAY too many missionaries :) Also I get to live with a Korean again this transfer so i am super excited.

This week Elder Keil and I picked up a couple of new investigators this week one is a pretty solid investigator and is starting out a new massage place so he can only meet in little 30 minutes increments but we can get alot of teaching done in that little bit. He doesnt believe in an after life so we talked to him a little bit about the plan of salvation. This man decided to meet with us because Elder Keil smiled as he went up and asked him for a handshake. That just shows me how being happy as you teach and meet new people is more important than the words you actually speak. Korean is still obviously important, but you can do it well when you just are starting out as well.

The other wasan american that is really preocupied with alot of the random "stories" he doesnt understand fully. Like secrects in the Temple and Joseph Smith's Court cases. We are continuing to talk about him to see if we should meet with him again, because he is nice, not agressive and said he would read the Book of Mormon. So we will see what happens with him.

For studies this week I studied in the Doctrine and Covenants alot. I havent got a very big chance to read it alot so i was grateful for the opportunity. I also read alot of stories in the Old Testament.

One of my miracles this week was this Sunday the relief society and priesthood topic was on Member missionary work and on Preach my Gospel. The Sunday School lesson was on Jonah and the Whale and they related it to missionary work. i had made up my mind to participate more. The topics and sitting next to the bishop helped me get started and to participate. The teachers actually asked me a couple of questions and I was called on to say the closing prayer as well. It was a cool miracle to see a little more trust and have the ward open up to me a little bit more.

Elder Keil and I are SUPER excited to stay together. We have set a couple of goals to keep us more in tune with the spirit and have a better sense of time, to get out the door faster and to not waste a second of time. Im really excited to learn more from him!

Love YA!!!!!!
i forgot my camera sorry

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