Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baptisms in Korea!

His name is Kim Min. He is 10, his older sister was baptized a little bit ago. The sisters have been teaching him, the parents are not members, but are seeing how the church is helping the kids. They came to his baptism pretty cool.

 Sisters investigator. 
First off I had a great Birthday at the Temple and opened the really fun package. lots of cool pics comin your way.
I met Jang Chul Jin the korea I lived with in my first area again. He bought me a cake for my birthday, then later the sisters bought me an icecream cake too.:) really nice!!

We met a new investigator that was a refferal from the south mission. He is a pilot and is wanting to met with us for english, but is completly willing to talk about our church. He has lots of really strong opinions but is pretty open. Elder Keil puts it this way; if we teach him well he can become a good member but if we dont he can start a new church. really awesome solid investigator, we will try and meet him 2 times a week.

We also talked on the phone with our 19 year old investigator and he said dont speak Korean to me and that he hates studying the Book of Mormon. We will meet him on Tuesday and it will be kind of a do or die lesson.

This week I have studied alot on the sabbath day and how to use it in district meeting. I also studied King Benjamins speech and looked for everything about service. While I was going on an exchange with Elder Lanford we were focusing on How to serve people more and it was a cool little focus for a day. I also studied for lessons and how we can help the investigators we have to meet with us and still pick up more.

Well we had a baptism and I got to baptize one of the sisters investigators while Elder Lanford baptized the other sisters investigators and I got to give the Gift of the Holy Ghost as well as a blessing to both of them-- all in Korean in front of 130 people. scary but fun.

I have 2 miracles for this week. One miracle was the baptisms and confirmations we had this week. I had the great opportunity to baptize one and give them both the Holy Ghost. When I was doing the confirmation I started out a little bit shaky then I felt like i got supported by a angel and I finished both of them strong. Really cool experience to help 2 people start their new journeys towards Christ.
Elder Diede

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