Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy 추석

How are you doing? I hope you are having a happy 추석.
 So this holiday is like the Korean Thanksgiving everyone goes to their hometown and eats and goes to ancestors graves and bows to them.
This week as far as investigators go we didnt meet with any this week. They all are just really busy and cant meet with us.  It is really frustrating especially because I am with Elder Keil and this is his first experience with missionary work. He is realizing that we dont baptize everyone on the street, but he still has that mindset and I want to join him on it again.  I want to give him more teaching experience and help him learn how to teach lessons more.  Hopefully the appointments we have set up for this week will not fall through and we can actually meet with them.
Study this week was alot in the Bible this week and studying some General Conference talks from last conference. I really liked studying about Joshua and specificly the two stories about The Priest Carrying the Ark of the Covenant across the river and stopping the river and How they make the Walls of Jericho fall down.

My miracle for this week was I think our companionship relationship has gotten alot better as we have grown alot together. We have helped each other realize weaknesses and strengths more and how to overcome them. It has been really fun to do missionary work with him more. I am super excited for the rest of this transfer.
LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Diede

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