Sunday, August 17, 2014

Angel of God

Not a bad week but I don't really have much to report.

We met a couple of our investigators on the streets and talked to them for a little bit, but were not able to have a sit down lesson with any of old investigators. We did however get 2 referrals this week and they both will be meeting us this next week. One is a really good potential. We also went back to go visit the family that Elder Keil and I tracked into but they didn't have time to talk but still invited us back. We will keep following up with them. I hope we can find more investigators and teach more lessons this week
As you can see from the pics we went to a fun place in our area with lots of cool wall paintings.

This week I studied about revelation, specifically how to prepare to receive it through church. I will be talking about that in district meeting including sharing a lot of personal experiences I have had. I have also tried to think about what I can give my companions more of. Elder Cook when he was here said that you will learn something from every companion, so i want to find out what I am giving and still what I can give. Ive specifically thought about stress and how I manage it. I have gotten a lot of compliments because I manage my stress well, but I don't know how I do it. I have been trying to find the verses of scripture and quotes and things that help me the most so I can share better.

My miracle this week is I was coming out of a meeting planning for English class, that just wasted a lot of time, so i was a little frustrated and honestly it hadn't been that great of a day already so i was in kind of a bad mood, but we headed down to the station to 전도 I started and i just felt Gods Love around me and I just became happy. I had some of the most fun and really good contacts that I have gotten in a while. I LOVED that experience, just to confirm that I have a heavenly father who loves me and is always wrapping me up in his blanket of love!
I get to go to the temple for my birthday greatest present ever!! then we are going to go to the War Museum in Seoul. Gonna be super fun!!
LOVE YA ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 사랑하는아들
Elder Miles Diede

 my wall with sticky notes tha'ts Diede in Korean in the pink

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