Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 25

Sorry we were doing a service project so we had to email later. Thanks for the music it will be awesome. My vote for the names are 양 (Yang) and 음(Euem) that is the Korean version of Yin and Yang but if not yin and yang is my vote.....because im in asia.
Im super excited this week because I get to go to the temple for the first time in 4 months and we have a mission conference this saturday with Elder Cook!!!!!
I love the Daily Bread Videos, I love watching them!!! It is SOOO true I dont know what I would do without that daily source of boost from the scriptures. It really is like food! Spiritual food that is!!!
This week was a very good week.

This week we met with a couple of our investigators. The first was is another church's missionary but is a very nice open person. He brought his friend alot and we talked to them for a while. We taught the restoration and a little bit about the Book of Mormon. The only problems are that they dont really have spiritual interest and they want to talk with a higher church leach, such as President or Elder Cook, when he comes for the Mission Conference this Saturday. We invited them to the fireside that night and they sounded like they wanted to come. It was a good chance to meet and talk with them.

The second was a new investigator. He is a 18 year old kid, who played basketball with us and wanted to meet more. So we taught him with a member present, a member who just got his mission so he was a huge help. We talked about God is our Heavenly Father and Families, but stopped there because when I asked him a question about living with his family forever the idea kind of turned him off. I guess he has a few family problems, so we talked about that for a little bit. It was a super good lesson. We informed the member of what we were going to teach, and we all taught really well together. After our lesson He stayed and the church hto play soccer with the members for a little bit. He found a friend that was his age. Looks pretty good so far.

For study this week I was reading alot in the Bible and General Conference Talks. There was one story that I really liked this week, It is the story of Jarius. I like how much faith Jarius has even when the messenger comes to tell them that his daughter is dead. I really like the phrase , " the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth." This is one of my new favorite bible stories. Also along with the Bible I studied the lessons more to teach our investigators better.

I have two miracles this week, one was an exchange I went on with our zone leader, Elder Chisholm.
He didnt train me on alot but I learned alot from him just by watching the way he does missionary work and carries himself.
The was a bad part to that was just coming back to the area and finding out that our companions had gotten 3 contacts throughout the exchange and that they just sat in the house and talked. The next morning Elder Chisholm came to our house and talked to us a little bit. HE lit a fire under Elder Lee's butt and He was SUPER mad!!!
 We made some goals to progress and to use time better. That is where the second miracle comes in Elder Lee has changed alot for the better since Elder Chisholm came. He wants to work alot more and is more willing to work with me. We are not at the full potential we can be at yet, but we are improving
Well I hit my year mark this week. I have already recieved the Hump day package. But I had Elder Lanford hide it so I wont open it until Thursday. I dont know where the Easter package is...maybe lost...oh well maybe it will still come. But dang a year has gone by.....Its gone by really fast and I feel like this next year will go by even faster. Im excited for the opportunity to get more blessings and grow more even if i dont get any baptisms, i have still done my job converting myself!!
LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Thanks for all the support in the last year!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
sorry pics next week i forgot my cord......

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