Sunday, June 22, 2014

Better Late then Never June 15

This week was a pretty good week, except for the fact that we didnt get to meet with any investigators this week.(and the spurs won) They were all super busy this week and all of our appointments we had fell through. We only got to meet one man and had lunch with him, but he lives in Illsan and he wants the sisters there to teach his daughter so we reffered him and his daughter to the sisters.

I read quite a few talks this week and one that I read in particular is the 4 minutes talk by Bishop Stevensen from last general conference I always tell my parents and think that time is going by really fast. the first 2 minutes of my mission are over now I just have to improve more and finish the rest strong. I also started studying about how to be a better leader and companion. I found a few scriptures that have helped me. Pretty good study this week.

My miracle this week was seeing elder Lee change this week. He has really opened up a little more and is willing to get help and let me help him. He is doing great.
Elder Jang and Elder Rhodes died and went home. sad. i miss them. Elder Jang said that he would come to my fianal testimony at the temple, i will look forward to seeing him. He emailed me today.
I think I forgot to tell you our ward had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks. 2 were the sisters investigators and one was a member. Cool to see. I wasnt involved in any of them though.

Also I ran through a Typhoon this week. I got stuck out in it and we had to get home so I ran home in it. I was soaked from head to toe in 2 seconds. Then our church was flooding so Elder Arrington and I ran to the church to fix it and clean it up. Super fun!!!! SOOOOOO MUCH WATER!!!!!!
Well that is pretty much it!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede   

 Elder Lee
me and Elder Chisholm in heat shirts.............싫어
Post typhoon

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