Sunday, June 22, 2014

Korean Wedding and Rice Fields

It was a pretty good week this week.  We only had an opportunity to meet with one of our investigators. I am not exactly sure about why he is meeting with us, he doesnt have much, if any interest. He is one of the investigators I keep hearing about but have never met before. The lesson went alright until Elder Lee shot me in the foot during the lesson, telling the investigator that I cant understand Korean. We taught him about Joseph Smith and commited him to reading and praying.
One of our investigators came to English Class but he didnt have time to have a lesson, but other than that all of our investigators were busy again this week.
This week for studying I read alot in the Book of Mormon, Especially I read King Benjamin's Speech this week. There were a couple of parts that I really liked including the part saying you are not required to run faster than you have strength, but you still need to be dilligent.
We had President interviews This week. He gave me alot of things that I am going to apply. I have been trying a different approach to helping Elder Lee. He has ZERO desire to be happy while he is doing work, his mind set is he just has to suffer for 2 years. I have been helping alot but He still is mad at me alot, I am trying my best to help.We also talked about trying to figure out a way to use all of my talents, like ceramics and art, better in missionary work, and most of all He gave me 2 things about being a concecrated missionary; Trust in Heavenly Father and Dont just Believe in Christ, Believe Christ.SUPER AWESOME!!!
I bought a custom Korean soccer jersey for the world cup!!! only 20 dollars has my name on the back!!!!
At Church I translated for an african(see below story) the first hour, a brazilian the 2nd and for a phillipino for the 3rd. INSANE!!!!!!!!!
Here is 2 INSANE storys, one is more insane than the other:
We went to a wedding of one of our members it was an american geting married to a korean..already weird right. But thats not all....The wedding hall had so many random different colored blinking lights and crystals so much so that i felt like I was in a star wars movie.....see attached pictures... Long story short. Korean weddings are INSANE!!!! It was just so awkward!!!
So I got a call from this man from Ghana and he told me he was a member and we set up an appointment to meet at the train station on sunday.
 We met him and He is a SUPER SICK guy. As we were walking to the church we figured out he is a refugee who came to korea because his tribe in Ghana wanted to make him leader, but in order to be leader you have to sacrafice and cut off the head of a person, because he didnt want to do that he fled. Now he is living in another church's building and the members there are trying to convert him and telling him to come to church.
He has no money,no job, no food, and no good housing. He needs my help to be the link between him and the ward because the bishop cannot speak english. I am literally the ringleader of everything. I have already helped him start to transfer his records to our ward, so he can get a temple recommend and asked a Phillipino member to see if there were any vacancy at the factories he is working at. It is a hard, INSANE situation, but we are helping him to the best we can!!!! Good chance to serve, but it is DANG hard!!!
Love YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede

 맛있어요!!!  its not a have to it is I LOVE IT. spicy peppers and anchovies

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