Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hump Day

This week was super fun!!!

This week we got to meet a couple of people. First was our investigator that is a nice missionary for another church. We went into the lesson planning on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ but he didn't really want to learn about that he wanted to learn about Elijah and how to prepare for the second coming. He is a super nice guy and has a lot of interest in learning more about God and about the doctrines of our church, but he seems to not have any spiritual interest or any intent to join our church. We are going to continue to meet with him and see how it goes.

The other two we met with are new investigators. One is a 19 year old kid that actually knows one of our members from school. We taught him with the members older brother and that is how we found out. He is a really shy kid but wants to learn about our church and about the purpose of life. He used to go to a church with his mom but now he doesn't anymore. he told us that he wants to start to come back to church.

The other man is a person that I called off of the calling records and set an appointment with him. We taught him the first lesson and we are planning to meet him every Friday. He seems to have a lot of interest.I'm excited for that!

One interesting thing that I found in my study this week, I was reading a talk given by Elder Callister in the MTC. He was talking to the missionaries about being a consecrated missionary. I was think about it a lot and I was thinking of the example of consecrated missionaries in my life both in the scriptures and in our mission. In the talk it says consecrated missionaries are constantly trying to progress and to improve and seek correction. Elder Christofferson's current bush mormon message is the best!!!!!! I always want to ask the question, how can I improve more and become a consecrated missionary?

I have two miracles for this week. The first is Elder Cook's Conference. He talked all about Love. It is so true how you cannot do this work without loving the people, your companion, mission president and especially the Lord. It was a great conference where I got to learn a lot and receive revelation for my investigators.

the second miracle is how many lessons and great contacts we had this week. I have been trying to be more focused on always being a missionary, and always seeking to teach. It was amazing to see how much more success you see when you are constantly trying to find and teach. Really cool miracle to see.
Thanks for the awesome hump day package it was the best!!!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

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