Sunday, May 18, 2014

감사해, May 18

This week was pretty great.
Just alot of really normal missionary work.
This week I had two experiences with investigators this past week. One was I met one of our investigators on the street for the first time and I got to introduce myself to him and set up an appointment. We should be meeting him this week. It was so good to finally meet the face behind the name.

The second was a new investigator that we met with this week. He was a referral from the Office Elders that had english Interest and has really never gone to church before. He came to English class last Wednesday and we met him again on Saturday. The lesson went really well. We taught him the first lesson. He seemed to accept everything pretty well. He said he would keep his commitments so I am very happy. But he seems like a solid investigator. Elder Lee and I just need to figure out each others teaching styles more so we can teach him even better.

This week for study I studied a couple of different topics. One of the things that stood out to me the most was in Doctrine and Covenants Sec 121 and Sec 124:18. I love reading about Liberty Jail and the suffering Joseph Smith had there. It helps remind me that my trials and sufferings are only a small point in time and If I endure well then I will be blessed. Then in Sec 124:18 I love the phrase "I will bear him up as on eagles wings" With God as the air under our wings we can soar to new heights! It is a really interesting saying. It was a great study this week.
We are starting a new thing in our ward where the missionaries go with the Home teachers to all member visits. It is a cool Idea because we can have a member present at a member visit! ;)

This week  we went to go visit a newly wed couple with their home teachers this week They were very grateful to us because it was their first visit since they have been together. We talked alot about Home teaching and a few various other topics. It was a very spiritual visit. The man is american the girl is half korean. They gave us an American Style Brownie........oh my gosh soooo good!!!

Another miracle of mine this week was this week i have been humming and singing the hymns as I walk down the street. It has been a huge blessing! I have had alot less distracting thoughts and have felt the spirit sronger this week. Good miracle, Hymns have power.
That was my week!!! Lovin Life, Lovin You, Lovin the Lord!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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