Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 29

We had a pretty good week this week.

We were able to meet one of our investigators this week. He randomly showed up to the church while the sisters were there and they called us to come. So we came to the church and played a little bit of basketball with him and then sat down and had a lesson with him. We taught him about the restoration, Book of Mormon and prayer. We extended a soft baptismal commitment to him and he accepted but he would not commit to a date. We also invited him to church but he slept in instead of coming to church. Very frustrating.

My study this week has been really focused on the Christ-like attributes and how improve and progress more. I liked humility a lot, because I am still trying to look for ways to help Elder Lee more and more and how to have more with humility.

A miracle for me is seeing how much I have progressed. We had the opportunity to go to a wedding where the groom was from my first area, so i got to meet and talk to the members again. It was cool to see how much I have progressed in the language. I got to talk to slot of my favorite members from my greenie area!!! so much fun!!!
Also we had a surprise mission conference this week it was given by a guy named PJ Rogers, you can look him up.; He is a really famous comedian and radio guy in Korea that has lived here for 15 years. He is absolutely fluent at Korean and knows the culture really well..and he is SOOO funny!!
He gave us a lot of tips and ideas of how to work on Korea and how to adapt and accept the culture more. Elder Lee didn't like it because PJ was talking about parts of his culture that he didn't realize were actually there. it just happens.
I have had a lot of people call me back and want to meet with us and especially play basketball with me because our church has a big basketball court and in our area all the people on the street think i am a pro basketball player.

It is the time of the year again when BBQ chicken literally an entire chicken can be bought for 3 bucks out of the back of a truck​(thats right be jealous Gavin)

Elder Lanford and I have awesome matching animal ties.​
Say hi to the family for me!!!! Take lots of pictures and make it feel like I'm there. When they ask about me that is a good chance to talk about the gospel!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Miles Diede

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