Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baptism Commitment!!!!

Well this week was a pretty great week minus the not being able to meet with any of our investigators part, so there was a lot of street contacting this week.

We started off the week with Ultimate Frisbee for Pday. All of the Koreans at the park stopped and stared because Frisbee do not exist here. We played with a member that recently returned from his mission in Busan and the other Elders Investigator. Really fun.
Then on Tuesday this week as we were tracking I got a text from the Sisters saying that the lady that i found Sister J. Committed to a baptismal date on April 26th!!!!!!!  I'm super excited We ran into her on the street this week and she wanted to buy us dinner but we said we weren't hungry(we were but that is another story) so we agreed with Ice Cream. So we talked with her for a while and she gave us really gross green disc shaped playdough texture" well being" food. Then we parted and we were waiting on a corner for the other elders but lo and behold she ran into the other elders and she dragged us back into the place and bought us another Ice cream cone. she is nice.

Anyways....I set up an appointment with Mr.Choi, the man who gave me a Korean fan last time who loves us. So all of the missionaries went we were thinking he was going to give the new missionaries fans but he gave one to all of us. Mine says " Love thy Neighbor as thyself" You can see the attached pictures of me being awesome with both my fans.
He also took us out to a dinner of refrigerator noodles, or cold noodles. Super good I like them a lot. 

He also told us a story of Mr. Lee his Chinese friend. Who his first name was the first letter in the Chinese alphabet, so he named all of his kinds with the next alphabet like A Lee, B Lee, C Lee and so forth. Then he turned to me and said your family is the same way!!! your dad is AD your mom is BD a CD is in a computer and DD is here!!!! It was super funny!!!

Then E. Roskelley and I went to Golden Voice, the English Club we do service at and we talked about alot of funny things. One of the members told us that our rules were really strict and strange but she respects us for keeping the rules and that we are men of our rules as she put it.

At English class Sister J gave the Elders a bunch of stuff, including MMA style shirts, water bottles. allot of her homemade well being food, socks, and a few more to be nameless items.
Our English class has grown from one person coming to having too many people so we have 3 different classes now. It is awesome to see. I put alot of work into the English class and it is cool to see it Blossom.

Speaking of Blossoms, We are starting to get the Early trees of Cherry blossoms. The Cherry blossom season will be starting soon so be excited for some cool pictures, i gave you a sample today. so pretty!!!

Yesterdays church was also really fun I sat next to the fan guy and he held my hand the entire sacrament meeting, because that is normal in Korea. He is the nicest guy I love him. Also our branch President had me read a "Very Important" message from the First Presidency in Church. It was about Tuberculosis Screening for returned missionaries. I could barley get through it without laughing when I saw the other missionaries.

Anyways LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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