Sunday, April 6, 2014

Solid Week, April 6, 2014

Well this week was a solid week.
Cherry Blossom season has started here in Korea so the trees are all so beautiful!! See attached picture.
This Pday we went to the church and pulled the ping pong table outside and I DOMINATED all games, just so you know none of you will be able to beat me in ping pong when i get back. Then we played wallball for a little bit and i dominated that as well. It was tons of fun, i love getting out to do sports and be even more active!
I had the wonderful opportunity of eating something this week that is one of my first "I hope I never eat that again" thing. The lady with the baptisimal date that I found fed us Sea Slugs. Long story short I hope I never eat it EVER again! They were so salty and chewy and gross.
We met with our investigator this week and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. At the End of the lesson we gave him a baptisimal commitment and said he doesnt want to commit to anything yet. It was kind of a big downer because we really thought he was going to accept. but we will meet him again this week and see how it goes.
Then we had Zone training meeting so we traveled to the site of the 2018 olympics and had our meeting we have a new Korean zone leader Elder Moon and he is super awesome!! Our mission focus for this month is the Doctrine of Christ, so I have been focusing my studying alot this week on Christ like attributes and Doctrine of Christ. It has been a pretty good study!!
Lots of ordinary missionary work. I have walked alot more this past week because we are exploring unknown areas. On the plus my knee is alot stronger now;)
We had an appointment with one of my favorite members and she made my favorite food she is super awesome!!!!!!! We taught English class a couple of times.
We went to go visit a less active and helped her with some of her English students. We were paired up and we played a speed guessing game and me and my partner DEMOLISHED again. Im just way too good ( also the most humble) :)
 Thats just about it!! LOVE WONJU!!!!!!! I LOVE KOREA!!!!!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!! but I LOVE MY FAMILY MORE!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!
Elder Diede
pictures are:
some cute ward members kids ping pong
cherry blossoms

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