Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food Glorious, Korean Food and a Ham Sandwich

well this week was a super fun week!!

To start off the week we played Ultimate Frisbee with a soccer ball. We got closer together as a district. It was super fun!

I went on an exchange with a greenie this week and we taught our investigator named Mr.Lee. He is very good at English and lived in San Francisco for a couple of years. We taught him the first lesson and wrapped up the lesson with a soft baptismal commitment. He accepted the commitment very well. The only problem was that  he doesn't like church at all..... so we will continue to meet with him and work on that.

I found a lady this week that the sisters have been teaching and she is GOLDEN. She came to church and cried because she loved it so much. She is going to be baptized soon and the other Elders also have an investigator waiting to jump into the font!!! SUPER COOL!!!!!

We also had 2 food appointments on the same day this week!! One was a SUPER good buffet called VIPS. It is a steak restaurant with a buffet complete with cheesecake and ice cream. It cost about 40 dollars a plate, but the less active that fed us is SO rich so he said it was pocket change. 

The second was with one of my favorite members who fed us Shaba Shaba.(maybe you can look that up im not sure if it will work) but anyways I was exploding from the inside because of how much food i ate. SO GOOD!!! that is one thing i will miss the most about korea is the food, but I haven't had good american stuff in a LOOOOng time. 

Other than that normal everyday missionary work!!!!!!!

Sorry im kinda rushing they had us do a survey during email and i want to stay under the time limit!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
one is the $40 steak and buffet and the next is a 4 piece of bread ham sandwich I made!!!!!!

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