Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful for American Food

 Elder Smith is the one sitting next to me. Elder Murdock is the walrus elder Batstchi is the other

Elder Smith makes fun of my pillowcases.......its funny. Well not really a teaching week since we have no investigators but it was a good week nevertheless! I defeinetly remember how frustrating and fun doing the pipe bells were and I am still convinced that President Hinckley used my thithing for 4-wheelers. I was actually thinking alot about Bishop the other day. I glad he is there. He helped me alot to prepare and grow(probobly the most by waking me up to play ball):)
Anyways so this week Elder Batschi and I decided to go try to prosalyte at Yeonsai Univesity in Wonju.....not a very good idea. We thought that there would be more than just the campus there because we cant prosalyte on the campus, but there is literally nothing else other than the campus. We did go knock on some apartments and found a super nice guy that we think will meet again. but it was really beautiful up there I have lots of pictures. I sent some with this email.
It is now getting to around 0 degrees here. It is SOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Cold! Plus Wonju has cold wind that will rip your face off! So funny story....a good aproach here is to talk about the weather. So we did to this one guy. He then laughed and asked us if we were cold. Obviously we responded yes. He just laughed and said " It hasnt even started yet." so im kinda scared what more winter will bring. It is snowing a little bit now but not much really heavy snow comes late December.
One night me and Elder Smith decided to combine our beds together and see if it was more wasnt, but it was a fun night of sleeptalking and accidently touching each others faces.
Then we had Thanksgiving. We went to the Army base and ate with an American member family there. I got to say I miss american food.  There kids were all going crazy and showing us various magic tricks and cool puzzle boxes and being little kids. I remember how cool missionaries were as a little kid now I see it a different way. We had a good Thanksgiving complete with Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing. We talked for a while then we played some minute to win it games. Member army families and really goofy and not the gruffled people you think of, like the two nonmembers that were there. It was a really fun night and they gave us lots of leftovers! They were the nicest family I hope I meet them again.
Then the next day was my 6th Month mark. Crazy how time flies. We are going to a buffett to celebrate tonight.
Lastly other high lights I met a Korean who went to the Uof A in Tucson, and Irish guy who met my friend on his mission there, a guy told us he couldnt come to the door while we were knocking because he didnt have clothes on you know just the missionary life.
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!
Elder Diede

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