Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Letter

  Elder Theurer-  Family met him in Nauvoo
 Sister Fan dance
  MTC District in Seoul,  My Collection of  Cheep Ties
It was really good to talk with you on Christmas. I was the only one in the house who wasnt a cry baby. I cant beleive you told me about Thor 2...I hate you.
Well I will tell you what we did for Christmas!! Because we live far away from Seoul we slept at the temple on Christmas Eve. Then the next morning our Christmas breakfast was McMuffins at good ole McDonalds. Then we went to a Conference. First we had the spiritual part where President and Sister Christensen talked alot about feelings and giving. Sister Christensen shared a video called West Jet Christmas, its good look it up! Then President focused on the wisemen. Its kinda cool that the wisemen took about 18 months to 2 years to find Christ. It sounds slightly familiar to something im doing right now. Then we had a great lunch filled with sandwiches, soup and LOTS of fudge, pretzels, cookies, brownies all baked goods filled with love!
Then we started the fun part. It started with Pentatonix, Little drummer Boy. Look that up too. Good treat that president gave us. I love Pentatonix. Then we had lots of talents and videos shown and we laughed alot. The Korean sisters did a fan dance for us it was pretty sweet I have a picture of it for you to enjoy.
Then we came home and opened presents. I love all the candy and the 100 verses to bring you closer to Christ book is awesome, but the most favorite present is the basketball hoop as you can see from the videos:) The pajamas are also sweet I love rockin the BYU gear! the slippers keep my feet warm and the Twinkies had the Sweetest comeback ever.
Well I have lots of pictures for you, speaking of pictures, I showed mine to our branch president....he said they were lame and I need more and better, more stylish pictures.Help? Also the Korean sister missionary said Malorie and Shayna were the cutest. Koreans love your blonde hair.
Other than that not much else to talk about! Christmas was the only big thing this week.
Well I love ya I hope you enjoy all of the pictures and movies send me some in packages and through email. I need a good picture of Gavin and Hayden everyone thinks that they are both older than me. LOVE YA!!!!! HAVE A GOOD NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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