Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22,2013 Chop Stick Champ

Ok So 4:00 your time, I will call you then, I have about an hour to talk with you! I will call the house phone. I can bear my testimony but in english not in korean. I have seen Studio C alot. But not divine Comedy.
This week Elder Smith left and Elder Edwards came. Im sad to see Elder Smith go. He is probobly one of my favorite house mates. I loved him! Elder Edwards is pretty nice he was a Zone Leader in the MTC he was a little Power hungry back then I guess we will see what being a DL does.
Because Elder Smith was leaving we had a couple of appointments with members! We had an appointment with one guy who used to be a fat karate teacher with long hair. He showed us a news recording where they interviewed him at his academy. Then he showed us a Michael Jackson concert comparing his hair. So we watched Thriller and Billie Jean.....
I just want to let you know I am dang good at chopsticks now. I can steal food from other peoples chopsticks so fast. We ocasionaly put a cady or one piece of food in a bowl and whoever gets it eats it. I am pround to annouce that I beat three koreans at once!! Also we had a meal with a members and a sister said I am the best foriegner using chopsticks she has ever seen! You can tell Brother Graves I am really good now.
Then we had a Christmas party with the ward. I got to dress up as Good ole Saint Nick, the one and only Santa!!! Sorry I dont have a picture at the moment I have to get it from the Sister missionaries. I gave out cookies to little kids and presents to ward members. Then we watched the Music from the Christmas Devotional and then the missionaries did a skit. We did something called squatty bodies, which is a mix between the midget dance we did at the Family reunion and Helping hands off of Whose line is it anyways. I was the arms for Elder Murdock and we were doing the Life of a missionary. So we woke up ate breakfast, cereal i threw at his face. then excersized brushed his teeth, slept during Personal study, then made a mess of lunch eating curry, rice and kimchi. The ward members loved it!!! They thought it was so funny!!!
Then yesterday we picked up a new investigator we are teaching him English, we taught him the names of numbers yesterday. He is 20 years old and has a SUPER bad lisp so he is so hard to understand. He is a funny akward guy so it should be pretty fun!
Well not much else. I cant wait to talk to you on Wednesday. I hope you have a really Merry Christmas.Always remember the true meaning of Christmas. The Savior came into the world there is a saying here in Korea, 기쁘다구주오셨네 The equivelent in English is Joy to the World. It really is a Joy. Without the savior we wouldnt have the lives we have today. I have grown to KNOW my savior more and what he has done for me. I guess that is what a mission is for. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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