Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8th

Not much else to talk about this week. other than we finally found an investigator..kind of. He has a super good christian background and served a mission in the philipenes for one year. We taught him in a fast food place because he didnt want to meet in our church. It is kind of just a this is what we believe and then him telling what he believes but an investigator is an investigator. We shared Moroni 10 with him and he completley agreed with it but he refuses to take a Book of Mormon. He says the bible is the only word of God and shared a scripture in Revelation 20 something that says dont add to the word. But that scripture was written before the bible was even compiled together and the 4 Gospels were written. Its kind of a dumb argument but it is a really frustrating one to deal with.
We had Zone training meeting this wednesday and it was a super good training about the Book of Mormon. Our zone leaders talked to us alot about placeing book of mormons in hearts not on shelfs. It is so easy to give them out, you can give them like candy all day long, but it doesnt matter unless they read the Book and pray about it. They then felt like giving our zone a commitment on Placing 1000 Books in hearts in December. It is a super cool commitment.
Then one of our ZLs Elder Farr came to wonju on an exchange. He is someone that i met in my first area and he is super nice. He came and I did passoff with him and passed off! Passoff is a language progress program you just have to teach lessons in Korean to your DL for all 4 lessons your ZL for midway and final and APs for final. its hard but a good way to track progress
Then when Elder Smith came back we went to go eat food and the lady gave us TONS of food. After about finishing half Elder Batschi and Murdock quit, so Elder Smith and I had to eat the rest of ours plus theirs.( in Korea it is Extremly rude to leave leftovers). I was so FULL. I hand to hold all the food down with my chin.
Alright really funny strory time.  There is this weird guy here that we see every now and than. Whenever Elder Smith sees him the guy chases after him and tries to hit him. One day we were walking through the market to go to dinner and i hear "Oh crap thats the crazy guy, you take lead!" We walk about 10 more steps then the guy sees us. Elder Smith and Murdock take off running. And the guy starts chasing him, just laughing the whole time. It was probobly one of the most HILLARIOUS things i have ever seen in my life.
Well not much else..... lots of contacting. heres a pic of my tree and Elder Batschi being weird.
Im glad I can be a help to the family even being across the ocean. Love you and everything you do!!!!
Elder Diede

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