Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15,2013

 Dear Family,

 That 21 day plan is awesome I have never heard of it before. I am absolutely sure that the plan will work. It is really cool that the members are becoming more involved with member work, i wish they had the same kind of stuff over here because we could really use member work. It really makes missionary work so much easier when members help. Do the plan it will be a great experience.
Well Transfer calls were this week and I will be staying in Wonju with Elder Batschi! Elder Smith will be leaving and becoming ZL in my greenie area. Then an Elder from my MTC group is coming here to become DL. All of the Elders in our house are now in their 4th transfer or less! SCARY!!!!!!!
Well this week I had a pretty cool expereience. We were Knocking on doors and a guy came out to talk with us. At first he listened to us and then he started talking more. He started saying that he knows about the Mormon church and we cant teach him any more than he already knows because we dont speak Korean well. Then He started going off about how the Bible is the only word of God. As he was speaking I felt the spirit SO strongly. After he finished Elder Batschi and I bore Testimony of the Book of Mormon It was so Powerful. I literally couldn't breathe. but long story short He wouldnt take a Book of Mormon, but after he shut the door we wrote some stuff in the cover of the book and put it on the doorway. I dont know what will happen but we will see.
It snowed quite a bit here this week! The coldest it has gotten is -7 degrees not including the humidity or it got ALOT colder. I freezer burnt my face because of the wind. The snow is awesoe though. It makes it hard to talk to people because they all have hands shoved in their pockets and faces down but its still pretty fun!
Also this week I got the door slammed on me twice by two little kids. not a great experience.
I had the great pleasure of going to the bathroom on a squater. See picture.
Koreans love my English pronnunciation. The Korean sister in my District says I am the best one and now I am now the official Wonju Missionary English Teacher.
I will also dress up as Santa Clause for our Ward Christmas Party. Elder Smith and a member we had a dinner appointment with told me I need to get fatter. So they gave me a plate more than everyone else to eat.
Thats it! Love ya Lots! Can wait to talk to you on Christmas! 4:00 MST.

The pictures are the squater, a re;igion sign on a door, the stocking, me catching Elder Smith and Me and Elder Smith taking  nap on Pday.

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