Sunday, November 17, 2013

Look who Elder Diede ran into....Gangnam style

This week was a very different week.
On wednesday we took a 2 hour bus ride to get to our zone leaders area to have zone training meeting. I met Elder Jang, the korean that lived in my greenie house again. He is so much fun to be around. Also alot of people I havent seen in months. Then we took the bus back again and visited an active investigator. He comes to church but doesnt want to take the lessons. We talked with us for a long time. He does Chinese and Korean caligraphy and makes fans, so he gave us a fan and wrote a scripture on it for us. For me he wrote part of Heleman 5.12. It is super cool, picture attatched. Then on Friday we started our trek to back to the big city of Seoul. The way was completly blocked with traffic so I spent 3 hours on the bus there when it normaly takes 1 1/2 hours. We had a temple session scheduled at 7:20 and because of the traffic we got there just in time to drop our stuff off and get changed. I was straving throughout the entire temple session. I was sitting next to Elder Schofield who I served with in my last area and he kept looking at me and smiling because my stomach was making beached whale noises. After the session we went to go get ramen from the temple vending machines but they were all out so we got permission to go run to a gas station and buy some food.
We slept at the temple that night because the next day after eating a hardy breakfast of McDonalds we crossed the Han river into the South Mission. We had an amazing conference Elder Whiting and Elder Evans from the 70 and Missionary Director spoke to us. The gave us alot of good advice, told us some stuff that I am literally sworn to secrecy about and definetly brought the spirit to us. After the conference was over I found Tim Light and talked with him for a while. I sent you a pic or two. He is an amazing missionary and I only talked to him for about 10 minutes.
Then after we all left everyone went to the bus station in Gangnam. Thats right Gangnam style place. Where Psy and all the rich people live. Elder Smith and I bought some Kimbap and Kimchi which was the best we both had eaten in our entire missions. and it was from a bus station. Then we had the 4 hour bus ride back to our zone leader area. By the way before i forget one of my Zone Leaders played at Weber State with Damian Lillard the NBA Rookie of the Year. We took a break in the middle of the trip because it was so long. I talked to Elder Smith the whole time. It was super fun.
We then had stake conference the saturday session. This same basketball playing zone leader gave an amazing talk in korean. Then we traved to another Area to sleep over called, Donghae. The two Elders There are hillarious. There were not enough Yos so me and Elder Smith and Elder McFarland shared two. During the night Elder Smith stole my sheet. Then he woke up realized he stole it and tried to put it back on me. I also realize that I now speak Korean mixed with English in my sleep. Super weird. Then we traveled back to the Zone leader Area on a bus that drove along the Ocean, I didnt have my camera, but i will see it again.
I have literaly seen almost all the different parts of Korean this week, the city,  mountains, rich people place, ocean I just havent been to jayjoo island.
Then we had the sunday session which was a broadcast specificly for Korea, where Elder Cook and Elder Hales spoke. It was dubbed with Korean so I have no clue what they said but it was still super spiritual. The we traveled back to our area and all I have done is talk to people on the street also I got the first experience with knocking on doors. Its fun.
Well Love ya Bye
Elder Diede

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