Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 5 here is our Korea newsletter its pretty new!!! check it out!!  I am in a few pictures.

Well it was a pretty uneventful week not much to talk about....
Im glad you had fun in Great Falls. Looking at pictures of Grandmas house, gyros and hearing about Skiing and cousins is awesome, but at the same time I want a gyro so bad!!
New Years was like any other night, but Koreans somtimes go by the Lunar Calendar and it restarts on Jan 31st we will also have another mission conference then.
This week Elder Hone one of our Zone Leaders came on exchanges. He is awesome and played basketball at Weber State with Damian Lillard. Pretty Sick. He is a hillarious guy and I loved talking with him while he was here. Also Elder Batschi, Hone and I all like Zombies. So during dinner and down time we talked about the Zombie Apocalypse and what we would do if it happened here. I came to the conclusion I would just give myself up because there will eventually be too many zombies in Korea.
We tried to find a Less actives house and we found a place called DD Chicken
It was Elder Murdocks bithday on Wednesday so we bought him a unicorn Ice Cream cake and ate it after District Meeting. We also found a very good apartment complex where we gave away 4 Books of Mormon in 14 doors. Pretty Awesome!
After dinner one day we had some extra time so we went to the church. Elder Batschi found some pre recording, like the ones on our piano and fake played to them. super funny I got a great video on our phone. Then we got to play real life Frogger. We got caught in traffic while we were in the middle of the road. long story short we both made it across.
we had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator this week. Usually I cant understand him because of his lisp, but I understood him alot! He is part of the Unification Church, look them up they are crazy, but He read the Intro to the Book of Mormon and got pretty interested. He was super confused about religion now and thinks the Book of Mormon is a really good book. Then he prayed at the end of the lesson. it was Awesome!!
Lastly While knocking on doors a lady let us in and gave us the NASTIEST, GROSSEST drink i have ever drank. It was something like silk worm larvae juice. so gross.....
Well thats it!! I Love ya I know this is the True church! With the New Year comes Resolutions, and one of mine is rededication. I want to go so hard this year in my mission. I want to study harder, and learn better. Hopefully I can do that. We have a saying here..생해복많이받으세요! roughly translates to Take Luck( Brian Reagen Reference) but Korean peope are really positive and look forward to the new year. which is super good!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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