Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Easter


It was a very sweet week this week. 

First off Elder Miller is super awesome to work with! He is from Orem/Hawaii. He is 1/2 Tonga so i get another hard working Polynesian companion.  i love him lots and we work super hard together!! I'm glad that he gets to be my last companion on my mission.

So good news! Our investigator was baptized this last week! It started out a little bit scary, because he didn't come to our meeting before church, then sacrament meeting then Sunday school, so we were freaking out that he wasn't going to come. He also wasn't answering his phone, but one of our members finally got in contact with him. So we got Elder Weight to come down and baptize him.  It was super stressful. He came and his baptismal service went pretty smooth. It would have went better if he would have come to more of church, but hey whatever works. His parents didn't come to the baptism which was a little bit of a bummer, but we talked a little bit about missionary work so inviting his friends and family will come soon. our bishop was really strict about pictures and Elder Weight came a little late so we didn't get any in white pictures.

We didn't get to meet with any of our investigators this week, they were all busy.

I read a ton of Jesus the Christ this week! I was trying to get it so I could read all the way through and get to the Crucifixion and Resurrection on the days of the week that they happened, but i ended up skipping earlier bits of the book in order to read the Easter week stories.  Also I read the stories in the bible along with it. I love this Easter season and the chance we get to share it with everyone! I know my redeemer lives! He suffered for all of us and made it so we can live forever!! I love this gospel!!

My miracle this week was honestly just working with Elder Miller. We have two different styles, but they both get the job done really well. Sometimes they don't mix very well together, but we are doing lots of fun work and we are looking at one of the busiest weeks of my mission this next week. I'm super excited for the next couple of weeks. Also getting a baptism on Easter:)

Love you lots!!


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