Sunday, March 29, 2015

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First transfer calls. Elder weight is leaving, but literally the next area over so superclose. I am getting a new companion named Elder Miller. i have no idea who he is...
This week was a pretty great week. Im really bummed that Elder Weight is leaving but i am excited for Elder Miller to come as well. Some times changes are hard but for the best. 

So 정윤서 is doing great, unfortunately he was not baptized this last week, because he could not meet with us this last week, so we couldn't do the baptismal interview or finish teaching him all of the lessons. He came to church on Sunday and we finished the lessons completely and he is all ready to go for next week. There is literally no way that he wont get baptized next week. We have permission and all of the lessons done. Im excited for him, but I think that this extra week will help him prepare a lot more and not have his baptism rushed. All is well with him.

We met a couple of new investigators this week that hopefully will progress lots in the coming weeks. We have a lot of potential to look forward to this transfer and Im excited for Elder Miller to come here. We are going to hit the ground running.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ and lining it up so i get to read the Eastern portion during Easter so i am super excited for that. Also i have been reading in the Book of Mormon and studying conference talks. I have also been thinking a lot about questions and concerns I can bring with me to conference to get them answered. I know they will be answered.

I went on exchanges with an Elder in my zone who has big anger problems this week and it was kinda rough. While we were on the street he let his anger get the best of him a lot. I had to pull him away from a couple of people, because he was getting pretty mad at them, but we talked more about it and some other things that i think he needed to hear and it turned out pretty well. my love for him grew during this exchange his is still the same old elder but i figured out how to deal with him and help him a little bit more. It was an exchange that was really hard but I actually really enjoyed.

We went to kinda see the DMZ again this week. We originally planned on going to the actually DMZ but it was closed because of a forest fire, so we went to the Unification Observatory instead. It was still super fun and we still saw propaganda city in North Korea. it was super fun!

Love you Lots!!!! Miss you!!!!


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