Sunday, April 19, 2015

DMZ and Piano Guys

This week was a pretty great. For investigators this week the only one that we met was Zaur, our middle eastern friend. We talked with him about who God is, prayer and the Book of Mormon. He was really interested in prayer. We are not really sure what his interest is but he is really open with us. He is not one of those normal Muslims that try and convert you, he has interest in the differences in Christianity. Then we got our recent convert all set up with the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the ward gave him new scriptures and set him up for seminary. he still loves church and is ding good he is just super busy with test time. 

Ok time for you to get jealous 

One cool story i read this week was the story of Lehonti and his demise. Amalickiha plays the role of Satan in this one. He tells Lehonti to come down from his safe point in his camp and come meet him. That was the mistake. He came down from the place he was protected at and fell into the trap eventually getting poisoned and having his enemy take over his army. We are the same we cannot come down, even an inch, of where we are safely living within the gospel standards. If we do Satan takes hold and kills us by degrees. I have made some new goals this week that will help me try not to come down at all and stay at the highest level of work and living possible.
1. We went to the JSA and got a private tour from the military. We literally stepped in North Korea!! It was super intense and you could feel the tension in the air. We saw a couple North Korean guards
 and had a great view of the north Korean propaganda city. It was SO cool! definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

2. My recent convert who was baptized 2 weeks ago was confirmed this week and is doing super good. he is all set up to start seminary and get the priesthood soon! I was a little bit worried with him for a while because he wouldn't pick up the phone, but he is doing good!

3. Time to get Jealous;) so you know the Piano guys right? 2 of their members served in Korea and they came to Korea for a tour. The did a fireside for our mission and it was super awesome. They are all super funny.It was cool that they came, but the cooler part was that I got to see all of the friends that I have made during my mission one last time, as well as a lot of the ward members from some of my other wards. Man I love the people I have served with and around and the people I have served. The best two were my recent convert from one of my other areas and the kid that I trained from New Zealand. the fireside was super spiritual, it is amazing how the right type of music can bring the spirit in the room in about 2 seconds. gotta love it;)

Love you!!!!!

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