Sunday, April 26, 2015

Priesthood Blessings

This week was not bad at all. We didn't get to meet any of our investigators for a sit down lesson this week .  We did however get to give our recent convert the priesthood this week. It was a really sweet experience.  We have passed him over to the ward really well. Our young mens president is taking care of pretty much everything he has got him started doing Duty to God and is starting on working on getting him to the temple. He is doing really good and is participating really well in sunday school and young mens. He loves going to church so much, but not for us for actual church and the members there.

We had a mission tour and Pres. Ringwood came and talked to us. He talked about Moroni 10 and desires and mercy. It was super spiritual and it gave me a lot of things to think about and ponder. 

study this week was focused shifted gears at the end of the week because of the Mission tour. At the beginning of the week my studies were just the normal reading the Book of Mormon,Jesus the Christ and all of that good stuff, but then it changed to learning more about mercy and desire. When they talked a lot about that in mission tour it stuck out to me and made me want to study it more. So i wrote down a lot more of my desires this week and it made me grow more. Maybe only another inch, but hey that is one more inch i needed.

I went on exchanges this week with a district leader and it was pretty hard but fun. He has a little bit of a problem not talking about the gospel when he is talking to people on the street, he talks about his life before alot. I noticed that and brought it up with him.  We talked a little bit about removing bits and pieces of the things that are holding you back from serving with your all. We talked about burning the bridges back to home and putting everything from your old life in a shoebox  and pulling out that shoebox after your mission and picking out the things you need and leaving the things you dont in the box.  He seemed to like that a lot and he is going to make a list of the things that he can change and start to change them. I liked the exchange, it gave me ways I can change as well.

My miracle this week was that Elder Miller and I became way more close this week. Nothing that Elder Miller did, but there just seemed like there was a wall between us, but now that wall has crumbled more and we are able to work alot better together.

Love Miles

also i may email 1 day later next week.

picture- Meat Buffet(this place is my favorite restaurant in korea)

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