Sunday, April 19, 2015

Great Week

Sorry i was late i was meeting a really good friend for lunch:) see picture.
This week was a pretty great week  for us. I felt like it was a little bit of spiritual warfare because we went from mission leadership council to actually doing the training, which ours went super well. It was a super spiritual meeting and we all did a good job at involving everyone and getting everyone to talk. Then we went from that to going on exchanges with the assistants and had a day break and then dived into General Conference. It was a very packed spiritual week this week.
In the midst of that we managed to pick up a couple new investigators. One is from some middle eastern country whos name i have still not been able to pronounce right and the other is a amn who first wanted to know how they heck two foriegners could speak Korean so well. We met with him and he is pretty interested in what the Book of mormon is. he does not go to another church, but he has quite a bit of religious interest so he knows quite a bit about our church. They both look like good prospects to meet in the next couple of weeks.
my studying this week have all almost been focused on what event was coming up next. I did alot of prep for general conference this week and it payed off. I think that this is the general conference where I have gotten the most revelation and more things stuck out to me. 
There is not much else that I feel like i need to say. Life is good, our zone is good, I have no concerns. Being a missionary is literally a huge miracle in my life. I love it and wouldnt change it for the world. 
We get to go on a sick tour of the DMZ on wednesday and I am pumped!! Love you lots!!!
Have fun with the pics!!

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