Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fantastic Week


We had a pretty fantastic week this week.

Our high school investigator came to church this week and is looking really nice to get baptized next week.  He was fellow shipped really well and fits in with the young men class really nicely. it is always a good sign that when the members are all asking him about baptism and he takes it really well and actually goes and tells people he is getting baptized. We will meet him a couple times this week and finish up everything and get him all prepared for the service, we shouldn't have any problems. He is looking solid.

Then our other investigator with the baptismal date will have to have his date moved back. He did not come to church because he went out of town and will not be able to come next week so he will have to be moved to next month probably. kind of a bummer, but he still looks good to get baptized the only problem is getting parents permission and when he can get baptized. We will continue to work with him and push him.

My studying this week has come out of chapter 5 in PMG doing several different personal study activities and reading in the Book of Mormon. One thing I learned is Moroni is so awesome. i already knew that but the amount of trials and hard times he had to go through is amazing, and still being firm in the faith and not denying Christ...he definitely knew that it was true.

I went on exchanges with Elder Perry, our AP this week. It was a very good exchange. i think we both learned a lot from each other. we talked a little bit about correcting others and he answered a lot of my questions. it was good to go on an exchange with him. We were talking to each other at the Christmas Conference and we both decided, that we had never really talked to each other or served around each other but we have a mutual respect for each other. That was my miracle this week.

Love you lots!!! Only 2 months left!! see you soon!! I dont remember playing gangnam style 70 times before i left....but hey Hayden is a little different.

Love Miles


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