Sunday, March 8, 2015

Working for the Lord

This week was a pretty decent week for Elder Weight and I. We definetly had some fun working together this week.
First off for investigators we had our 15 year old investigator who is looking really solid to be baptized this month. We met with him and talked to him a little bit more about reading the scriptures and prayer, and talked a little bit more about what baptism really is. He came to church and had a great time!  He was super happy and bubbly and talked to everyone! He really likes sunday school and young mens! We have some great fellowshippers  that are doing well with him. We hope that he can be baptized on the 22nd. Then our 18 year old investigator is also doing well. We went and played soccer with him and the members loved him(because he was really good)  We didnt get the chance to meet with him outside of that. We also have some fellowshippers that are working hard with him as well.

My study this week was all in 3rd Nephi. It was good to read the teachings of Jesus Christ in that section. I kind of coupled that with a little bit of studying in the Christ like attributes to be like he is. I also read more in Chapter 5 in PMG and got alot of insights.

My miracle this week was going to Mission Leadership Council. It honestly was  like spiritual gunfire. There was so much spiritual information that it filled me to the brim and then some!  Focusing on the Book of Mormon this month is going to be so much fun, so I am super excited. The STLs and us gave a super good training this wednesday. It was so spiritual and I hope it inspires the missionaries in our zone, I remember when i was a younger missionary and how much Zone Training meetings affected me. but that was a great first time experience.
Fun times!! Congrats Hayden!!!
hey those classes sound good to me ill tell you what religion class i want to take and stuff ill do a little exploring next week.


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