Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good Week

This was a pretty fun week for Elder Weight and I.  We met lots of fun and interesting people this week.

We have a new investigator, but i have not met him yet because i was on exchanges with Elder Zimmer when we had an appointment with them.  My exchange with Elder Zimmer went really well. He is a really interesting person and definetly has a different style than I do. It was honestly probably one of the hardest exchanges that I have ever done. He is doing really well as a district leader so far, he is still trying to figure things out a little bit. His first district meeting went well, it was a little hard to understand, but it was his first one so he can go nowhere but up! He really cares about people in his district and area, he just struggles to understand them well. He is becoming a good District Leader.

We also met a really crazy guy that we probably wont meet again. He was talking all about how he can see spirits and the Book of Mormon was stolen from the Buddhist bible..Crazy guy. Our district has met a lot of weird people and people who want to bible bash lately, its kind of insane.  

For my studies this week I finished Helamen and started into 3rd Nephi. i cant wait until Christ comes down, I actually have not read that in personal study for a while so i'm looking forward to it. 

My miracle this week is how hard our zone worked this week. We ended the month with 9 dates but we were up to 12 at one point it was super cool. This is a really hardworking zone and i love it!

Ask me later about my 2nd hand shoe story its too long to type. Pretty much a pair of shoes that i got as a gift fell apart as i was wearing them....

Love You!!!


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