Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfer News


Well Transfers calls were stunning.
I am training a brand spankin new missionary(could be american or Korean) and I also am District Leader.
Im gonna be honest I am super nervous to train and be a district leader at the same time, but i am ready and up for it! I am actually really excited to train! Teaching an american would be fun, and working with a korean would be equally as fun! I want to serve with an american more. i want to train in my own language first.

im really thankful for the opportunity to serve with Elder Lee. We have had lots of the good and lots of the bad together, but I have definetly learned alot from him. He pushed me pretty hard and I am glad I got that chance.
 This week he has been kinda "sick" I guess he has spent alot of time in the bathroom. The only thing is whenever we were at home or with members at the church, he didnt have to go to the bathroom, but the minute we stepped out to go  he had to go to the bathroom and was sick... not quite sure what to do about that one.

Well as far as investigators go because Elder Lee was leaving he called people to meet. One brother I was thinking about dropping but Elder Lee didnt want to, but at this meeting Elder Lee kind of offended him, he acted like another church screaming missionary they guys that say repent or you go to hell that kind of stuff) so he dropped himself.   I think I am going to concentrate alot on finding to build our teaching pool, by dropping all of our investigators because none are progressing.

For studies this week I read alot in Romans and have been trying to look at the teaching styles of the apostles and how i can use them, I also read the story of the Road to Damascus. Great story.

My miracle this week is the refugee we are working with. We got him all moved into a new place and he is all set. The place is tiny it is probobly a 10 foot by 10 foot room. there isnt really anything else we can do for him except teach him Korean, so we have invited him to our korean class. Also he is now finding job openings pretty easily. It was a great chance to serve!
We had a stake YM/YW activity in our ward on Saturday and i ran a relay race basketball game. They all would not get off thier phones....I hope america isnt like that.

LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Diede

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