Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's a Bouncing Baby Boy!

Hello Fam!!!!
I have had a very wonderful week this week!
Meet my brand new, full blooded Mauri bouncing baby boy!!!! Elder Hopi Keil straight from Hastings, New Zealand!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so funny and the best!!!!
Well first off training is the best! Especially with Elder Keil. I love Elder Keil to death!! He is so much fun to be around! He is helping me a lot!! I am not training him he is training me! He came pre trained. The only thing I am teaching him that he doesn't already know is Korean. He is doing super well! He always tells me how much he loves missionary work even though he is being rejected a lot. My miracle was watching him help teach in English to the lady from Cameroon. He was testifying and telling the story of Joseph Smith all with a HUGE smile on his face!!! I love working with him!!
As far as investigators go Elder Keil and I met our 18 year old investigator this week. We actually got him to be a little more serious and actually talked with him more. He hasn't read, prayed or come to church yet, but he says that he just has a feeling that the Book of Mormon is God's word. That is really cool, but the only thing is that he doesn't really want to act on that. We gave him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, invited him to church as well as praying. He works on Sundays so he said it would be hard to come.

Our new investigator this week was actually a referral from the African refugee we have been working with (who is doing really well by the way) She is from Cameroon, Protestant but she is really open to the gospel. We talked about the restoration with her on Sunday with Jerome there. It is really cool that even though Jerome is in a really tight spot that he is still wanting to help the missionaries and help the gospel spread.

My studies this week have been focused a lot on how to prepare a district meeting. I have spent a lot of time in Alma 17 and 18 and we will talk about that a lot in District meeting on Wednesday. I've gotten a lot of cool ideas and impressions about how to give a meeting and how to be able to help everyone grow and be inspired.

But our district is really great! Everyone is getting along really well and the atmosphere compared to last transfer is different in a better way. It is a really great feeling! I feel like everyone here is ready to work hard and to get lots of work done! I know we will see lots of miracles this transfer! I'm super excited to be able to watch it all from the spot that I am in! I really think that every single companionship in our district could, if people's agency permits, baptize a person this transfer. I know it is pretty high "goal" but I really do believe that everyone has enough fire inside of them to get it done!

 Love you and Thanks for all you do!
Love Elder  Miles ​Diede
A goodbye present from 2 sister for the leaving missionaries


Elder Diede and Elder Keil
Elder Diede Elder Keil and Elder Buckwalter

Me and Elder Eagar

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