Monday, April 28, 2014

금촌 Transfer

Hello Family.
How are you doing?!? I remember the mini mission thing..i hated it at the time...I also do remember my first MTC day. I was super shell shocked and didnt really know what was going on. Now looking back on it is SUPER FUNNY!! Question: Did Grandpa and Grandma sell the house or renting it? Im excited for them to put in their mission papers!!
Well some news. I have been transfered. I am going to 금촌 (Gimcheon) and being companions with 이중형 (Elder Lee) All I know about him is he has been on his mission for 3 months, he is Korean and he speaks little to no English. It is going to be a challenging transfer, but a fun one. I am going to the other side of Korea and my area is very close to the DMZ. I am told you can see North Korean people from the border, im going on a pday. but not crossing the border, dont freak out ill be fine. I am also going from a 30 member branch with 6 missionaries to a Giant ward with 12 missionaries. Im really Really REALLYYYYY sad to leave but i guess it is time to move on.
All of the other Elders are staying and The Sisters are both leaving one is going to be in the same zone as me and the Korean sister is going home because she is super sick, but she isnt being released she will come back after 1 transfer.
I did all of my last stuff in Wonju because I knew I was leaving so there are a few pictures of that for you.
We had a baptism!!!!!!! The lady that I found took that step to follow Christ. Elder Roskelley baptized her, but I got to stand in the circle to give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost really cool experience. Her service was very spiritual and I was very happy I was there.
We also had a Mission Tour with 2 zones, president and Elder Scott D. Whiting from the Quorum of the Seventy. It was a very good meeting he talked alot about NEphi and the qualities that set him apart fro the rest of the world. He is a super funny man but SUPER STRICT. After the meeting was over Elder Whiting wanted to interview some people so the APs picked a few people, I was not one, but I was assigned by the APs to push everyone out of our church and keep them quiet around the room Elder Whiting was in and shuffle the people being interviewed in and out. I was talking with Elder Whiting alot one on one. I can now say i was a bouncer for a Seventy. kinda cool.
Well That was pretty much it this week. Well I am running out of time I gaoota go but LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
The pictures are
Korean resturaunt called Shaba Shaba
Wonju Branch at the baptism
A cute kid in the branch

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