Sunday, February 2, 2014

Senior Companion

Pass off Ties!  Way to go Elders!! 
Rice Neck,  Eating too much rice can make your neck stretchy.
 Zone Conference.  Met Elder Franchina, training Comp for Miles.

Well first I will tell you the Transfer News! Sadly Elder Batschi is leaving Wonju to go serve in an English Branch, but I will be staying in Wonju and I get a new companion from the MTC group below me named Elder RossKelly. I dont really know much about him so that will have to wait until next week. I am a full bore Senior Companion now, but im not sure how RossKelly's Korean is. In my district Elder Murdock is leaving and the Korean Sister, and both of their Companions will be training. There is alot of Koreans coming this transfer so our missiona is super excited!
We went to the Temple this week too. We went into Seoul for a mission conference, so we slept at the Temple and got to do a session. I havent been able to see the new Temple film yet, i know it really doesnt matter but it would be cool to see it. Our train was late so we were late to the Temple so we didnt get to spiritual prepare we just rushed in and changed. IT kinda made a difference I wasnt really focused for the first little bit. It makes a big difference.
We had a Korean Holiday this week. It is called Solnar, it is the Lunar New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Blue Horse! Anyways we had a really good Mission Conference, I got to sit next to Elder Franchina and Elder Smith during the whole thing. We talked about old times...Its crazy 1/3 of my mission is done I have been on my missiona for 8 months now!! It was loads of fun!!! We ate Duc Gook, a Korean Traditional Soup that when you eat it you become older.
Then Elder Batschi and I finished Passoff. We both Passed Recieved and recieved our ties!! I did it with Elder Kafusi, who is super awesome!! Then we had to run to catch our bus. Everything went wrong and we ended up missing it...or so we thought. We went to go exchange our tickets and get dinner then we came back out and the bus actually never left because there were no people on it. So the bus left the station 15 minutes late with 5 people on it. The driver was really ticked and was swearing up a storm he had to go 2 hours for 5 people.
Then we had Change day. We deep cleaned our entire house and we worked really fast to get done early so we could have a PDay still. We actually finished a little early and went to go play ping pong for a while. Super fun!  Then we couldnt do missionary work for 2 days because there is noone on the streets and people HATE you if you knock on their we did nothing, but have dinner will members. We made a whole bunch of Korean food and had fun!!!!
Well I love ya I gotta go I will be back in about an hour!!! That was kind of a horrible Superbowl it sounds like. Good for the Seahawks. Hayden- 축하드립니다!
 LOVE YA!!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede 
Hey I also need Ideas of FHE games we can play with little kids in not alot of space

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